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my website http://www.ZuzkaLight.com
you can find me on Instagram under zuzkalight


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Shimon Maman says:

very good video i look forword to try that

yusara sansone says:

thank you for posting this video, it will definitely help me to see what
you eat during the day :) what do you do when you get sugar cravings?…

SidhucerJ says:

I’ll def be joining you starting feb.10. I’m 21 way over weight and need to
get back the body I used to have. Im too young to be this unhealthy and
unhappy. So I don’t trust anybody other than you to help me achieve my
goal. You’re amazing beautiful lady, keep it up!

Richard Callaby says:

Thank you for all you do! It is very much appreciated. You are keeping me

edith24h says:


Ronin Sherpa says:

I also have a total girl crush on her.

Lisa Alkaff says:

This video shows how committed you are. You listen to the wants of others,
for those to learn and grow from and with you! Your a great inspiration to
all xo much love

greenjade1985 says:

omg yaiii finaly!! thanks i love u girly!! u r very inspiring!

oops sugarsorry says:

Thank you for this video…my phone is dying but I do apprecieate all that
you have done and are doing even if I cant spell it. Thanx so much. T.

bemyvforever says:

Wait so do you recommend doing just one video a day? Is that enough? I’m a
beginner with some weight to loose :( I’m excited to see the pictures you
post! Thanks Zuzka.

ZuzkaLight says:

Im trying…They will be available there for sure, it’s just the logistics
that we have to figure out.

mtgrath says:

Z we want the DVDs in Europe…! C’ mon, do something about that!

freakinfoxy says:

Thank you so much for doing this, very helpful indeed!

lukesaysno says:

Woo hoo! Super excited about your upcoming food diary! It’ll help a lot.
I’m consistent with exercise. Diet is my real struggle!

GerrysPlace says:

Nice vid.. Good idea.

sadbutterfly808 says:

Zuzanna! tell the warriorz about an app for iphone: THE EATERY! it’s
amazing! if they use it, they can rate each other’s food!! i use it for 3
days already, it’s really great for self control! it’s like eating in front
of people, usually we don’t eat too much in that case anyway! ;) it’s

Nicole Chappell says:

Eating bread is fine as long as it is wholegrain and not white :) Carbs are
still important to a healthy diet.

eclecticmania says:

You are GORGEOUS and a true inspiration to everyone who is trying to stay
in shape and be healthy!!!!! :D

SyRawRDollface says:

Im so glad i found your vids ! I was wondering where you were on body rock
btw ive lost 50 lbs since i last saw your vids :D

bintabean says:

I just ordered the DVDs! YAY! I’m so excited to start your program because
I’ve been seriously slacking with my diet and exercise. I usually think
exercise videos are super boring, but somehow yours are magically
interesting and I always have fun. I’m glad I get to support you! I’m also
really grateful for the free workouts- I’m poor :)

zorayeti says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH Z!! You have been a huge inspiration to me!

Karen Valkyrie says:

I cant find the pictures on the blog :S im not on instagram it doesnt work
but i really wanna see the pictures !

lovingmontasoccer says:

lol Zuzana you did interrupted my great meditation experience with
Kundalini i felt i was burning my belly off xD its going fine here i do not
eat meat just chicke and fish, i made my own pizza with vegggies ^^ and
your tips helped me umm my body feels like a furnace now :D everyone have
workout fun. igotta send a picture before the belly is gone.

illustrisimus says:

And what about Mexico?

mwir3 says:

I have a question :). Do you workout every day?

Monica Kim says:

Hi Zuzka! Love your vids!

citysarah says:

AWESOME!!! I also bought your dvd set. Can’t wait!

Alexjhec says:

i love you!

rith5 says:


WWloser84 says:

I look forward to seeing what you eat! I’ve done the first 4 workouts from
your ZCUT DVDs! They are intense but I just modify where I need to…I
can’t wait til I’m strong like you Z and can actually keep up! You are
AMAZING and a true inspiration! Thank you for caring and having a sincere
interest in wanting to help people achieve their goals! :)

chita113c says:

Thank you soooo much for getting back to me about supplements. Now I
watched that recording yoy did about supplements is the a BcAA brand toot
recommended better than other? Thanks hope to hear from you soo

Ana Fortunato says:

Zuzka, Let me ask you? How about if breastfeeding? Is ok to make ur diet?
Because I’d like very much, but i breastfeed!! Give me a help thanks!!

macmakeuploverrr says:

what an awesome idea to post pictures of your meals! love your perspective
of fitness and your awesome videos – been a fan of you for years!! :)

citysarah says:

Fabulous!!! You’re my favorite online trainer by far Zuzana. <3

Filistea says:

I want those DVD’s so bad!!! any way you’ll handle international shippings
to Mexico?!!! :(

Angelo.scuro V.L says:

I don’t need diet, just hard exercises and sports, but this it’s a perfect
sugestion for lose weight, i love your job.

mattimus13 says:

As a guy who does your videos AND spends an hour at the gym 6 days per
week, I eat whatever I want! :D

Denitsa Ivanova says:

Zuz, why not make them available in digital format for download? That way
you wouldn’t need to worry about the logistics, and it will be easier for
everyone to have the DVDs straight away

ZuzkaLight says:

I have a Video on this channel about it “Zuzka Light – Supplements for fat
loss” go check it out.. Thanks For Watching ~Z

fHinZ SNklon says:

Can’t wait to see what you eat, might give me ideas and adjust to what we
have in southeast asia – will be east meets west :D I wish I can get your
DVD easily and no high cost delivery to my country

citysarah says:

So wait, is the new series the beginning of the end of free weekly vids???

twinkies03 says:

I like to log in my workouts, could you please give us a breakdown as to
what type of workout this is, the last workout video was very vague.

ss says:

And to Canada Please! please please !!!!! :)

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