Weird Things You Say About Strangers

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People watching is the best.

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Arthur Kirkland says:

((Is he gay-or European?! XD))

Bare Maria says:

Who is that girl? I think she is my favourite buzzfeed person

Jamie Norton says:

“Gay or European” I can’t even…

Didier Dupont says:

European or gay?
Moooore like american or fat !

Jan A. says:

*Don’t know what to…. vagina!*

xo exo says:

I can securely say that it is not common to grave watch. And it maybe
shouldn’t be considered people watching. 

Mrvideosandgames says:

Didn’t expect a video like this from BuzzFeed with a few more somewhat
offensive things and multiple swears in a two minute video. Meh, whatever.

GoldClaw24 says:

1:09 Obese or American? 

Luke O says:

What’s wrong with having a weird obession with buffy the vampire slayer

xGnaks says:

BUZZRACIST europeans dont look gay American fatties do

TomcanKnife says:

Weird things that I say? While I’m an avid truth teller, and the truth may
hurt, I’m not an assuming asshole like this 

TheDutchAssessor says:

I hate people who are staring and judging like that. Do you really think I
don’t see you stare and gossip? RUDE!

TheAylin104 says:

Hi don’t know why everyone is being offended by the “gay or european”
line…. Of you have ever been to LA you would know that the question
crosses your mind once or twice. European men and regular LA gay men have
some border lines, like the way they carry themselves or their certain
fashions/hair cuts. 

Rachel Griggs says:

These two are my favorite

raqraqxox says:

That girl is acting like too much of a bitch for me to like this video.

TooTiredToCare says:

well they still could be brother and sister ( messed up i know but you
don’t know people humans do weird shit ) 

Bobster930 says:

Do people actually do this? haha

karinna d says:

people watching is ridiculously entertaining 

The Big says:

Only white people can relate to this cause they love to fuckin stare at
people so much. Lol

chisom onyekachi says:

So many people getting mad about the european or gay thing…chill out

bubblez says:

my brother and i do this all the time. except he makes fun of bearded women
and fat people with no elbows…

JeidoCupcake! says:

People actually do this? I just look at attractive guys and get jealous of
pretty girls XD 

Hailie Rushing says:

OMG the people at the end how said “I’d so ship it” thank god I’m not the
only one who says that

Emily Toten says:

Person with an original comment or pissed off European saying the same shit
as everyone else?

Joe Balaich says:

I’m stranger than most strangers

Digging Your Grave says:

“Gay or european” Why they can’t be gay AND european? ;)

Jarl Ballin' says:

Makes videos about how judging people is bad. Then makes a video where all
they do is judge people…

Christopher Lane says:

Is it just me because I thought this was funny until they went to a
cemetery >.< 

Iitathebomber says:

When they got in to the graveyard it got really weird.

Derp Lord says:

I’m fairly certain that I don’t say these things about strangers

Fahliha says:

“gay or european” first time I’ve seen Buzzfeed make a gay joke.

kayla ayan says:

Gay or European?

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