Weight Loss using Jadera diet pills Update – 2 month progress pictures

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How did I lose weight so fast? http://JTX.MIIDUU.COM
BLOG: http://jaderatx.blogspot.com

i use jadera diet pills, i also sell the diet pills and i ship out daily. along witha tracking code.
How much weight Did I lose in these 2 months progress pictures? 31 lbs! andnot sure how many inches but for sure a lot! as you can clearly see. I was not a fan of takingBODY pictures when I was fatter butyou can CLEARLY see the HUGE face in my before pictures and a much slimmer face neck and chest area in my after pictures. =)
Please message me or comment below if you have any questions. I did not provide any information here because i usually end up getting the same questions ask, and honestly i don’t mind, i would rather communicate one on one and answer personally. :)

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norma garza says:

Did you feel like you weren’t losing weight the first month? Or did the
weight come off pretty quick? I saw some comments were you say to be

Lidia Suarez says:

Hi where can i purchase this pills i really want to try them

diana t says:

I tried these pills and they really worked for mei lost 40 pounds in 2
months. but when I stopped taking the pills I gained everything back. I
tried the pills 3months later and lost only 4pounds in the two months I was
excersizing and drinking water no sugars or fast food excersized regularly.
why is that?

jip lube says:

Guys they really do work

Dominique says:

How long were you using the pills? & I’ve read some continue losing the
weight months after they’ve finished the pills. Was that true for you as
well? Please let me know!

aiyun zhao says:

just onder it now ~ hope it works

olivia valle says:

How much weight did you lose? You look great! This girl is selling this
product and im interested

E Kinuthia says:

Hi, I really would love to start using this pills, following your amazing
journey. tried to reach out through the store site but haven’t gotten a
reply yet. Kindly assist. I currently live in Australia. You are amazing.

Massy Vang says:

I wanna give it a try!

ana charles says:

So I went to the Dr. and found out that it wasnt this diet pill that gave
the bad effect, I was actually taking a new medication that was too strong
for me. Wooooo!!! what a relief cuzz Im losing weight. 

zellodypond86 says:

I am interested in purchasing this product, might get then either tonight
or tomorrow. Hope to see good results! 

norma garza says:

Thanks. Yes it helps I’ve been on jadera for 2 wks and already lost 8
pounds. I need 30 more I’m just hoping to have results similar to yours :)
I chug water like crazy and the pill makes you eat much less. I also
stopped drinking sodas. Well you look awesome!! Thank you for your time 

David Ailep says:

Are they for men to

ana charles says:

Wooow bad side effect of numbness on my face and hands ,did u get this too?

Rukhsana Kausar says:

how to order these pills as i tried twice but it didn’t work website don’t
let me proceed to checkout.try to contact several times but no reply
,please HELP

zellodypond86 says:

I am interested in purchasing this product, might get then either tonight
or tomorrow. Hope to see good results! 

Areesa Rafique says:

Hey, I wanna purchase the product and I already went through your site, the
prices are amazing! Plus free shipping, heaven! The problem is I don’t have
paypal, only visa 

Chantelly leuluai says:

How much are the diet pills?:) 

Rukhsana Kausar says:

hi there i email you on your website twice but didn’t received any answer

Nafisa Rahman says:

Did you work out as well ? An what kinda diet did u follow

Candy Heart says:

I just bought these out of nowhere. First time I’ve tried a diet pill in
over a year. Watched your video, inspiring to say the least :) 

David Ailep says:

Are they for men to

Yesenia Alaffa says:

How many days did u workout out of the week? And if u did for how long was
the workout? Thanx

kennitta holden says:

How long did it take you to get down to that size…you look great

Yesenia Alaffa says:

How many days did u workout out of the week? And if u did for how long was
the workout? Thanx

edgaaryurii143 says:

I tried emailing you but I wouldnt let me. So I will try to communicate
with you here. I just have a couple of quick questions. I just order a 2
month supply for the diet pills. I was just wondering how fast do you ship
out? You said you provided a shipping code I didnt receive any? Also did
you do any exercises or special diets while taking this pills? Thank you so
much! Hope to hear from you. 

Nikki Sutton says:

Hello I wrote a email to you on your blog site and got no respond so I
hope you will here I truly want to order them again .. I’ve taking these
pills before and they work great ..but that was like 2 month ago I stopped
and gained a little weight back.. I wanted to know if I take the pills
again will they work because I have taking diet pills before they worked
but when I stop and tried to start they basically did nothing and did not
work the same anymore …one example would be furta planta …please

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