Weight Loss Diet- Chia Pudding

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http://www.30dyc.com get all the recipes when you join the challenge! Want to lose weight this holiday season? Try this great healthy recipe Chia Pudding with Goji berries after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner to cleanse your digestive system! Follow along with the Total Transformation Diet at http://www.30dyc.com

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Dashama says:

One of my favorite #glutenfree #healthy #recipes 

radiantchristina says:
Jose Cruz Lerma says:

I think it’s a great recipe and a side note, you’re gorgeous

CHIAmazing says:

#Chia #weightloss #pudding. How often do these things go together?

WildMike02 says:


Alicia Sotherland says:

wow. You have literally grown up on You Tube. I just watched your most
recent video. What a change. And a nice one at that. Subscribed to you
today. I enjoy your energy very much.

Apocalyps says:

What a complete idiot.

Ronnie Mead says:

yummy! thanks for this great recipe.

A. Ribeiro says:

I absolutely love this recipe! I had it for Christmas and New Year’s eve!

Elane Horhi says:

Agree that Agave is not as good as people think it is (it is a processed
food). Stevia is a much better choice. Dr Mercola has a video on sugar
and Stevia. 

thinprincess87 says:

You’re gorgeous Dashama. I never tried yoga but always wanted too. I’m
ordering stevia powder & the chia seeds now.

Elane Horhi says:

Middle Eastern people have been using Chia for over 5000 years. Here in
America it was just discovered and now people are putting it in

thinprincess87 says:

Can you tell me where you got your stevia powder? Amazon doesn’t have the
one you’re using. I’m ordering chia seeds now as I type. Stevia is awesome
too love it

Night Hiker says:

TRY COCO nut sugar.

heal YOUnaturally says:

Healthy weight loss Diet- Chia Pudding (Making it this week) ~ The best
part about this video is that Dashma explains the benefits of each

+heal YOUnaturally 

Ralph Meesen says:

Michelle..the internet has tons of this for sale, and a lot of them deliver
worldwide..even better is, since Portugal has a good climate to grow your
own Goji-berry plants..to save some seeds from one of the ordered Goji
deliveries.. Just type into the Youtube browser..How to grow…from seed..
et voila.. Google moght also give you info,when typed Goji for sale,
Portugal.. Good luck..and stay healthy..Greetz from Antwerp Belgium..

SonShine Shon says:

I just learned that I can get Himalayan Goji berries frozen, thanks to you!
:-) Thanks!

sweeta kosha says:

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products a try to show how good they are at burning fat. Well i just found
a website that will send free test products to your home, its the secret
trick to free weight loss programs! :) You can get them here

loui0008 says:

Interesting, will try it – thanks!

barba rossa says:

Check out the weight burning system that lies hidden in your body. Go
Google Fat Blast Formula to activate it.

Doris Leyba says:

Before anyone goes and follows this pudding chef you should do your
research. CHIA IS A NONE GMO, what this chef does is reaches for a process
container of sugar added, GMO crop=soy is a GMO. It counters and defeats
the nutrimental usage of the Chia seeds.

Dashama says:

@mydance81 you can get this stuff on amazon.com or maybe even direct from
the companies such as greens + for the chia or whole foods. I recommend
amazon.com though since are global. you may want to also google: super
foods online europe or something :) <3

Dilan Leroux says:

There is different kind of stevia the white one that sell at regular stores
that one is bad! !and the green one that she add that one is good you find
it in whole foods every time there is a new product big business try to
make the same thing trying to sell just don’t get fooled and buy the green
stevia i was using the white one till i started to investigate and realize
that the green one was the best option

miababy221 says:

im very interested in stevia powder. Where did u buy yours??

adrimetreyu1 says:

Hello Dashama. You mention that you have a recipe book, do you plan on ever
selling this separately from your 30 day challenge package?

Dashama says:

@agazima flax has a lot of plant estrogen like soy, so chia is more
desirable option with similar benefits but much nicer for digestion as they
dont’ have the tough outer shell which is hard to process and digest.

transplant07 says:

she does come up with some weird stuff

pixie_pinup says:

she didnt put anything bad in it though or anything what youre talking

mystiqueboutique says:

great recipie I may try to do it with raspberries or powder chocolate etc

Xander Crease says:

Sounds like it works the same as Psyllium. Only far tastier!

slowwind9 says:

@jessomglol wow thanks for letting us know about that! it´s so meaningful
for me to know as a vegetarian and a +++ of this recipe!

Igor tsapoy says:

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