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❤ Cold Thai Summer Vegetable Stew ❤

* I n g r e d i e n t s *
…..All quantities in this recipe are up to you! Use your intuition. ;-)
— 1 Young Coconut (water)
— Carrots, several to be juiced
— Carrots, a few to be chopped
— Peas, shelled
— Cherry Tomatoes
— Kale, with leaves torn off of stems
— Collard Greens, with leaves torn off of stems
— Red Chard, with leaves torn off of stems
— Lettuce
— Garlic Cloves
— Optional Additions…only if you need them!: sea salt, olive oil, hot pepper, avocado, corn

* P r e p a r a t i o n *
— 1) Open the young coconut—refer to this video if you need help: —and pour its water into your Vita-Mix, or other high-powered blender of your choice.

— 2) Add chopped carrots, shelled peas & cherry tomatoes, followed by all the leafy greens: kale, collard greens, lettuce & red chard (make sure to tear the leaves off of the thick stems first!), and any of the optional additions you might need.

— 3) Lightly blend in your Vita-Mix, but not too much…you’ll want to leave it looking like a chunky stew…and then transfer to individual soup bowls.

— 4) Run the carrots you designated for juicing through your Breville juicer, or whatever the best juicer is for you.

— 5) Serve soup with a pitcher of carrot juice offered on the side. The carrot juice allows people to thin out, sweeten and/or tone down a spicy soup, so as to suit their individual taste buds.

— 6) Enjoy!

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Kimberlee Omeg says:

heheheheh you made my morning keep it up

jackdentreprenuer says:

yeah, you killed it with the coconut… that’s more like the drink, to go
with your soup.

l3ruce says:

How much goddamn weed do you smoke bruh?

Heather Estes says:

Nice tank top, but your piggie-tail skills are lacking. There are youtube
videos for that. ;-) thanks for the recipe

Minnie Mice says:

Question… You mentioned karma, that you can’t “jump ahead too fast, cus
if you go beyond ur karma” you will suffer a whiplash effect and go
backwards instead. Did you mean that there is literally a karmic connection
with our body? For instance, I’m trying to loose 5 lbs. (15 total. but I’m
starting small). I will lose 2lbs normal speed (about 1.5 – 2 weeks) then
quickly gain 5lbs within four days of losing 2lbs. After losing 2lbs I will
feel compelled to eat to gain weight. What’s going on?

Bleu Boy says:

At first i was like: What?! But then i was like: subscribe!

slae1 says:

Clearly a stoner.

music4rituals says:

LoL – Your not being serious but that was one of the deepest talks you’ve
given about just being “cool”

Stanley Gerard says:

Thanks for the recipes and the teaching – and please ignore the rude

Minnie Mice says:

I love that your video touches on spirituality relates to food.

truchance505 says:

Try marijuana to see your potential of rise

Carol Hazel says:

LOL!!!! I love it, love it, love it!!! Thanks for making me laugh Dan!

sinead alice mc cann says:

dan dan dan nice to see what u like without fasciel hair, peace keep it

alixinthemiddle says:

me-OW. she is HAWT!!!! XD

diddymuck says:

anyone ever tell you you look ridiculous? Reason more people don’t go veg
is they think vegetarians are commie fag junkies. You’re not helping
dressing like that.

charlene30ful says:

you r FREE it hard to be but yetyou r

travelVlogger says:

You sound like you’re growing some intense all natural stuff in your
garden. Please just get to the point no one cares about your philosophical
banter.. I wasted 45secs into the video and another 45secs writing this
comment to tell you to shut up. It was worth every second.

XxDadaxXx says:

@l3ruce He’s high from life!

11033066099 says:

@l3ruce Did you listen to his words?

keanna26 says:

dude did u just jack ur nut…lmaoooooo but great video

MissMaria1988 says:

@l3ruce You dont see do you… energy comes from LIFE :) Eating what the
body needs :) And the spirit will grow too <3 light

slae1 says:

Dude you can get passed the dog, nobody ducks with the lion. Haha yes no?

meow0meow7 says:

When i saw the screen shot I was like, ooo one with Krista! lets watch this!

goroshekalya says:

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fitnesslossweight says:

I don’t know, I guess I’ll just have to experiment myself.

Anna Fisher says:

you rock, keep shining, as Dr. Seuss said, ‘be yourself, those who mind
don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind! ‘ Give thanks for the
audio-visual aids we’re moving with you

maxyeap says:

so when is the blender starting

FreshEyes22 says:

you look like jim carry in living color….lol

alixinthemiddle says:

side-note. you’re livin’ the dream. if i wasn’t already $10,000 in debt
from college (two years left to go till freedom… x_X), i would totally
just up and live like you. i mean… seriously. where do you live, anyway?

Stephanie Saveria says:

What the actual fuck?

Zourzourzour says:

NOTHING PERSONAL but that tank top aint your style!

tinateeni says:

Can you do a video on how to start your own garden ,I really want to but i
have no clue how to

Carol's Head says:

ok.. next video should be how you style your hair so beautifully! lol

holisticapproaches says:

GARLIC- why did say you would eventually break the garlic addiction? Is it
just because it is dense and not as vibration as the fruit/greens? I use it
a lot b/c it has antibiotic properties and I never take man made
antibiotics. Is there something I should know about the garlic or am I just
reading to much into it?

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