‘Twas The Night Before Christmas – UFC Style

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Hear some of the UFC’s biggest stars, including Anderson Silva, Daniel Cormier, Lyoto Machida, Chris Weidman and Jon Jones, read “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Merry Christmas from the UFC!


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Hannibal Smyth says:

Mc Gregor should have said Bah Humbug , That Irish accent !!!

Saul Gallegos says:

Lmao my nigga Machida can read better than Mayweather

Christian Prado says:

Not sure if Machida is naming all the reindeers or the Gracie brothers. 

Mazlum Degirmenci says:

This video would’ve been 10000000000000× better with nick diaz

Pred says:

Lyoto is having second thoughts about why he is even reading that shit

ThisBeAndy says:

Lyoto be like: “seriously?” 

YaSherif says:

Anderson Should be like “it was the night before Christmas…..oh ya I
BACK” Simple to the point. 

NoLifeVirginWhoWatches TooMuchPorn says:

0:07 DC has amazing blowjob lips. I’d love him to suck me dry

SaintsBrees09 says:

Where was Nick Diaz? “Fuckinnn night before christmas or whatever, not a
creature was stirring, not even a punk ass bitch mouse or some shit, dont
be scared lil homie, the STOCKTONs 209 WUT were hung with care, in hopes
that George st. Pierre would be there and stop ducking me. WHERE YOU AT

Cherry Pauper says:

That’s pretty cool. I didn’t know that Anderson could read. What a normal

Anita Rodriguez says:

Bwa hahahaha LMAO Machida!!!

So cute and funny XD

JustOneAsbesto says:

Wow. Dudes who get punched in the face all the time sure suck at reading
out loud.


(And no, I don’t mean Silva and Machida. I know English isn’t their first
language. Shut up, dummy.)

Alexander Zamani says:

Jon Jones plays a good heel.

kingjames1101 says:

Promoting Jones as the heel, i dont know why he doesnt embrace it and troll
the fans most of whom already hate him anyway. 

Crooked Ascension says:

Lyoto has such a sexy deep voice…

Kevin Mitchell says:

God bless Machida for trying but I’d rather listen to the tiny Chinese lady
that takes my order at my local takeaway recite Shakespeare than listen to
him read me a Christmas story. 

MMA man says:

LOOOOOL DC looks so cute, like a little chubby kid. And Machida sooo funny!

Mike Olive says:

“Twas the night before The Chris-mas”

Rational Police says:

Someone should get Mayweather to read this. If they offered him millions of
dollars, he still wouldn’t and couldn’t do it.

taylor wagneers says:

Lmao please make machida read some stories 

cwalkinsoul says:

Jon jones didn’t read because he can’t read. Yeah Jon I think your secret
or should I say mayweather jr.

mrcauduro says:

damn that Lyoto Machida is one handsome man, oh my…

DSlite11 says:

lmao that monkey silva only read for 1 second

Joao Fernandes says:

I instantly smiled when I saw the thumbnail of this vid. 

Ryan Lee says:

Simplepickup has a version why girls read the same book but while riding a
sex vibration toy

Phil MacMillan says:

nice! comical, they should do a longer skit tho

DarkRenaissance2012 says:

Jon truly has the gift for lame… nailed it

RedRufus says:

The UFC just officially jumped the shark! This is the stupidest shit I’ve
ever seen the UFC do. They are FUCKING FIGHTERS! Not company ‘yes’ men
slaves forced to sell a family friendly image for the rapidly ridciulous
UFC. Shame on you UFC

george gilbert says:

Nah why you giving lyoto the hard bit

ScottyStudioSelect says:

I’m surprised Weidman can read.

Conor Mcgregor says:


slevinlindsay says:

Do these fighters know how to look up every once in a while when they’re
reading? Audience engagement people!!!!

Jon Leon says:

This would’ve taken Mayweather forever. 

ZikicaKikica says:

Tvoz the naight before chrismess, is normal.

I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct. says:

This video is garbage

Han Playlist says:

Could’ve had Mighty Mouse read quiet as a mouse…

Jason Belcourt says:


viltheguy says:

“UFC style” includes lines like “To the top of the Porche”

nicumecu says:

Jon you ass,PUT ON THE DAMM HAT..

iFRO bOT says:

And the grinch shows up at the end to ruin the video. J/k

MsPaulieboy says:


Holy Eitr says:

Is that Christian Bale playing Chris Weidman? 

TheSuperNort says:

What did I just see…

. ? says:


Michael Wiest says:

Dominick Cruz is injured!

Santino Costa says:

Hahahaaa Jon Jones.

Samuel Perez says:

Iz the chris sick? 

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