Things Jane Austen Characters Do That Would Be Weird If You Did Them

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A turn about the room?

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Old World Charm
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Mary Holland, Aggie Hewitt, Chris Lam

Jane Austen coloured version / Wikimedia Commons


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Lauren Sabino says:

I bet a ton of the people watching this don’t even know who Jane Austen is

LetMeRave TV says:

buzzfeed be like: Things a tub of peanut butter does that would be weird if
you did them 

Jelle van Merrienboer says:

This seems to be based purely on the 2005 adaptation of Pride and
Prejudice, not very diverse.
Also, that hat would be way less weird if you just tied the ribbon

darkangelscruffy says:

The “let’s take a turn about the room” one, was the only thing sort of
funny about this… the rest was just desperate reaching (and really just
low-brow sneering at another culture). Fail.

Leo103103 says:

I hacked this comment so you cant like it

Immajeanyus says:

So I can’t act like a rich, spoiled brat that thinks they’re better than

Mewcancraft says:

You have no idea how weird it is when your parents walk in and you’re
watching the final part of the video…

DeathSorcerer508 says:

For the people that don’t know who Jane Austen is:

Priceless16 says:

I hacked my subscribe button

Click I dare you 

saturdayocean says:

In some of our habits we have returned to the old ways. For instance most
of our interpersonal communication is once again through the written

LawnBowlerUK says:

I’ve subscribed to BuzzFeed just to dislike every one of their videos!

Dude from norway says:

Im wiew number 30 and third comment! 

Jesus Mosqueda says:

My fat bitch teacher loved this women so now I can’t look at this video
without wanting to throw up

Natalie P says:

Lol I always thought taking a “turn about the room” was the weirdest thing
I’d ever heard of

Will Currie says:

Yeah there’s a reason for the differences seeing as Jane Austin hasn’t been
alive for years, this would have been acceptable behaviour at the time.
Jeez Buzzfeed you need to work on something 

MirroRMimi says:

Why are people saying this is stupid because it was a different time
period? NO SHIT SHERLOCK. In the video of “things football players do that
would be weird if you did them” it’s normal for them to do them, for you
it’s not. THAT’S THE POINT.

TheSimplydar says:

It would be weird if they performed a ballroom dance in the club.

Janice Corncez says:

Who wants to do a collab Chanel

ᴊ'ᴀᴅᴏʀᴇᴍᴀᴅɪsᴏɴ says:


call me bella says:

Does anyone else hate the ad about “my at home pedicure routine”

hootypatootie says:

I hope she’s a new BuzzFeed girl, she’s funny!

ZedAytch says:

Love this! I need to go and watch Pride and Prejudice now. 

Lumpypuff And Breyers says:

Ha ha I have the pink elephant pjs

Jamie Gim says:

Favorite part is the hate tying!

ARVIN says:

Pride and prejudice!

Haeinscute says:

This is too perfect hahaha

TheWakimaniac says:

Turn down for what?

Solana Rivera says:

Hey, can someone tell me how old I look in my profile picture?

partypanda143x says:

who is Jane Austen 

missparklyunicorn says:


BrownEyes Love says:

A staggering total of five things

Riyad Khan says:

Three people claim they are first

Devinne Nicole says:

The reason it would be “weird” is because it’s a different CULTURE and TIME
PERIOD! Geez. 

Eli Neugeboren says:

this is ridiculous. it seems like a clickhole thing

n0mln says:

Most of these are only “weird” cause of these were different times in a
different place

Lulu M. says:

Guess what, everyone!
I DIDN’T hack my like button!
Woah, what amazing news!!!

oldtimesong says:

Caroline Bingley was such an idiot. 

allymitch85 says:

I thought the thumbnail was a man in drag.

ethelbert duca says:

i have noo idea who she is :/

Alina Maria says:

I love that this video emphasizes how Jane satirized the ridiculousness of
the etiquette and societal behavior and rituals of her time 

Cynthia Lopez says:

I loved the movie pride and prejudice 

TomahawkFoss says:

This video is fucking stupid. Stop making these kind of videos

Jenize Gaston says:

Lmao my abuela walked in on the ending a was like “what are you watching?”
How awkward lol also I live sense and sensibility

LordSandwich97 says:

The turn about the room was supposed to be weird even when she wrote it :p

Ion Blaster says:

Er, close your eyes and let your imagination flow at 1:13

Annette Lee says:

HAHA this is so funny, who’s the girl? she is hilarious!

kinq king says:

I didn’t hack this comment so you can like it

Tiffany Tran says:

Hey Buzzfeed!!! Can you please do Americans try Vietnamese food??

coinslayer141 says:

uuummm is that a guy with a girl voice over??

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