The Most Effective Weight Loss Diet Needs 3 Key Elements

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Adita Ainslee says:

Women’s body already contains the weight reduction hormone, what you need
to do is to make your fat loss hormone doing the job, this method called
Metabolic Override. After that, you will get slimmer simply without working
against your body

jeroen jansen says:

the protein thing aint really a hype. Your body wont use protein as
glycogen unless it really has to, So you can eat protein and burn fat, if
you eat carbs you burn them first. Besides that, protein requires more
energy to digest for your body, so high protein is good for fat loss.
And in this video you really really really need to explain to ppl that
eating allot of candy wll fuck up your diet. not all carbs are created
equally. oatmeal and high fructose corn sirup are both carbs, but one is
poison and the other medicine (well not medicine, but hey, you get where im
going with this).
Timing of food is also debatable, it can be good for fat loss if you only
eat carbs in a 6 hour time window, late in the day (no carbs for breakfast
to stay in fat burning mode, check Ben Pakulski vids)

Mohamed Magdy says:

What about the cottage cheese alone 90 mins before bed time video??

TheHailrazor says:

Hey i work out on a punching bag, Its really good cardio, I am working on a
diet, I work out at 5:00 – 5:30ish, and i dont know when to eat and what to
eat, So what and when should i eat healthy ? I get off work at 4:00 Please
write back !!!!!

Jonathon Ryback says:

What about one peace of 4 to 5 onces of chicken and a huge plate full of
veggies or One peace of chicken the size of my palm and half of a large
baked sweet potato?

getleanin12 says:

Well said!

Rosie Andrews says:

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loss program from POUNDALE.COM , I lost 27 pounds so far! Its 100% natural
weight loss solution. Follow for best results. You would be
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Manuelcr7 says:

You don’t think that it’s absolutley regardless if we eat carbs in the
evening or before sleep. There are many modern, serious studies that eating
later in the day is better for geting lean. ‘Intermittent Fasting’ is one
of this eating styles. And it works!

getleanin12 says:

The attitude towards food is one area where Italy gets it right. They tend
to offer well balanced meals (including foods rich in fiber, antioxidants
and whole grain) and they also take their time while eating their meals
which ensures that you digest it better. As American’s we are all in a
hurry to get things done – especially meals. So, yes, you probably burned
off a ton more calories through your activity that what you ate.

abadi says:

this is impossible to do , i have to eat 1800 cal everyday to lose weight ,
if i eat any protein the size of my hands that means im eating only 100 cal
a meal , that means i need to increase the amount of meals per day

getleanin12 says:

youtube video here: watch?v=JGfK1CGddE0 Thanks!

TheCrispyCorns Gaming says:

Cut down on the sugar lower it to 40g.

Derrick N. Brown says:

Eliminate the intake of refined foods. Most acknowledge that refined foods
such as bread, noodles, packaged baked goods, cereals . . . assist the
storage of fats. See enthusiastic weight loss journey at:

getleanin12 says:

Better the veggies… might want to also try half a smaller sweet potato.

nightfire4107 says:

I like your videos. But I feel like you contradicted yourself. First, can
you further explain why eating protein by itself increase insulin as much
as eating carbs? Second, the timing. You mentioned not to eat carbs after
3pm for effective fat loss. But what if someone works out at night? And
needs carbs to replenish glycogen? Third, you mentioned on another video
that insulin is key to fat loss. But in this video you mentioned it wasn’t?
I’m confused

Dhan Rana says:

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Manuelcr7 says:

I eat post workout 80g protein, 60g sugar, 60g starch, 20g fibre and 5g fat
(~ 1000 calories). Is that to much? My insulin sensivity is extrem high
after working out, because i work out in fasted state.

youtna1002 says:

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Chad Allon says:

so fat and protein together wont spike insulin? eg: 150grams chicken breast
with 2tbs olive oil

Laura Doherty says:

Y? When I was in Italia I eat lots of carbs I lost weight rather than gain?
I was in Italia for 28 days and lost a total of almost 8 lbs.Is Italian
diet better than American? I lots of bread with olive oil and vinagretta
plus my pasta and meat. mmmm. I did walk a lot though.

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