Smoothie Diet- Weight loss journey

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Hi, I’m sharing a new discovery for me. Smoothie diet

Want a sneaky weight-loss trick? Go thick. Thick smoothies will leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied than thinner drinks with the same amount of calories,

In this video I share my experience that I had during the last two weeks of drinking smoothies.

Having a quick and easy meal replacement smoothie recipe in your back pocket comes in handy for times when you’re eating on the run…or simply feel like mixing things up.


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Nik Nikolayev says:

and you drink only smoothies? Is it making you feel not hungry? For how

Lydia Owens says:

It won’t gain back if you keep eating the same or drink

Tilly Law says:

You can reduce weight in safety and stop gaining weight back again if you
have the correct eating plan, without the need of pills, hard exercises…

Let there be light says:

You should buy a NUTRIBULLET INSTED. No need to shake your mixer with the

Jennifer Harris says:

Mmmm looks yummy

Yacon Syrup says:

I like drinking smoothies for breakfast and in between meals so I don’t eat
too much carbs.

Baylee Rose Dequanne says:

In the morning I like making a smoothie with cherries,rasberries
blueberries strawberries and some green tea with a tablespoon of lavender
honey! Sooo good!

I am the Schmidt says:

And then once you start eating normally again you’ll gain everything

Dale Schuck says:

Try adding a healthy supplement like Maximum Vibrance or Raw Meal. I use
both. Please look them up :)

suresh sagi says:

Have you seen Fat Blast Furnace? (Go google it) It is a quick way to burn
fat fast.

Gayan Madushanka says:

If you have been trying to melt fat, you should do a google search Fat
Blast Furnace. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

Richard Chaplinsky CD says:

when you use the apple slicer, put the metal plate flat on the counter and
it will be much easier and less chance of cutting your self

nice video!

Reginald Williams says:

Nice Video

Heyitsmikiex _ says:

This is so rachet its not powerful if you gotta shake the entire blender ✋

Aaidyn Blake says:

Adding low fat plain frozen yogurt gives it more flavor and can thicken the
smoothies. I really enjoy doing it that way and sometimes adding peanut
butter for extra protein :)

ROBERT T. says:

Anybody know a good smoothie blender to use that is not loud

Norm Tresadern says:

Ooh, I like the look of that blender! Small footprint on your counter, and
with a screw on drink top that you can take with you! I’m definitely going
to check that one out – thanks for sharing.

Monkeygirl03 says:

Watermelon ,apple ,blueberry

Marissa Garcia says:

Oh and I use almond milk

Mark Taylor says:

Its great to eat heathly but according to the author of the book “A short
guide to a long life” you shouldn’t juice or blend fruits and vegetables
but eat them whole. Juiceing removes the important fiber. Instead of
blending my mixed fruit and yogurt I just eat it as is. Good luck.

My Health & Weight Loss Attemps says:

looks deliious. thanks for the video

alex carino says:

Did you buy your blender in gnc? Im in saudi pls help me I want to have a
blender like yours, it will help me a lot

Carlo Bari says:

WARNING TO DIABETICS. I should have known better. I’m on a “low carb”
lifestyle which is having great results beating back my sugar and
neuropathy. Figured I’d raise the bar with smoothies. Watch out. Even
though fruits have a “natural sugar” which is far superior to “refined”
sugars which are taboo for Diabetics make the balance with” less fruit and
more veggies” in your smoothie. Otherwise it will raise your sugar.

J Lynn says:

i like using mango, pineapple & peaches or strawberries with a little
organic green tea

llora1000 says:

mmmmm looks delish!

Brittany Sullivan says:

I want to do this for the next month so pray for me

Emily McT says:

i add spinach or kale to for extra vitamins – you cant even taste it!

jiisil says:

This is more like advertising the blender rather than promoting sa smoothie
diet. Probably another sponsored video -_-

mufeed aslam says:

Have you heard about Skinnimaker Routine? (Go google it) It is a quick and
easy way for you to melt fat fast.

Nick Tekula says:

2 cups mixed with your favorite fruit, 10oz of water and 3 tea spoons of
honey and 1/2 cup of 100% apple juice

Carol Lynn Ferranola says:

Thank you for sharing this video. I never thought of an on the go blender
that you can take with you to work etc. I will tell my husband who is
trying to lose weight about this blender. You are a beautiful woman, may
God keep on blessing you!

Sunni Fagan says:

A smoothie that I make is with banana and sweet potatoes. First, bake the
sweet potato for an hour then let it cool (I usually make it the night
before) then take half of the banana with half of the sweet potato and add
a little cinnamon (however much you like) then some milk, (I use almond
milk) then blend to a smooth consistency. I hope you try and enjoy!

nicole burke says:

Get ur fucking crusty lips out of the screen

Marissa Garcia says:

I add grape tomatoes, persimmons, bananas, blackberries, raspberries,
orange, and apple

solodreamer14 says:

Good video tammy! Have you considered “Xina Incredible Fat Loss” (google
it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my m8 got excellent
weight loss results with it. 

LoudStellar says:


FruityPia says:

Awesome video! Anyone who is interested in healthy living? I am vegan, and
mostely raw vegan, and I have cured my headache, stomach pain,
menstrualpains, acne, lost weight and I am more energetic than I’v ever
been! Introducing raw foods into your diet is the way to go, and I share my
journey and lifestyle with you. If you are interested in my lifestyle,
check it out here:

Abhram Lincoln says:

Hi, have you heard about Skinnimaker System? (Go Google it) You will
discover the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Skinnimaker System,
you will discover how to melt fat fast.

talia841951 says:

your music choice is very stupid.

PinTube says:

This tasted good, but Check my smoothie out on my channel, It is soo
perfect for the start of the day and it tastes amazing! Super healthy too 

rajesh sah says:

Copy and paste into Google Fat Blast Furnace and you will find out how some
foods ‘explode’ in your stomach.

amzong2050 says:

Secrets diet membershipby fatlossfactor Dr. Charles dietmembershipbyfatlossfactor 

Tsimfukis1 says:

Are you exercising when before or after? For breakfast I do Mangoes ,
Pineapples , Peaches, stawberrys i tried it with orange juice, then i tried
it with Very Vanilla silk milk, and vanilla yogurt. The orange juice one is
sweet and tangy, the “dairy” one is more thicker and tastes more dairyish
if that makes any sense, i love both of them. I dont know if this is tmi
but they both help in the restroom too.

tammymarykay1 says:

Thanks, I love your video’s by the way.

jessi berns says:

Yes! I have a vitamix and its amazing!

yuvraj bajracharya says:

If you are looking to burn off your body fat, you should definitely Google
search for “PAFF Fat Furnace”. You are guaranteed to achieve the body you

belarus1209 says:

If you really want to shed fat quickly, you should Google “Madax Fat
Blast”. You are certain to get the body you merit.

tammymarykay1 says:

They shouldn’t have laughed at you!

Levi Hannah says:

weight loss Idealiss” in one word AMAZING!!!!! It totally does what it
claims. I would recommend this to all my friends….

tammymarykay1 says:

Ok, thanks for the information. I’ll check it out.

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