Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Before & After: My Personal Story With Photos

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Here is my personal weight loss story with before and after photos of my transformation together with what has been inspiring me on my raw food diet weight loss journey.

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Mathew Messer says:

Your husband looks really unhealthy on the second picture

xxFairestxx says:

Great story, really good! I’m vegan too…..about 7-8years and going
strong. I must say though, you both looked much healthier in your before
picture. I’d get into some type of resistance training if I were ya’ll.
Muscle isn’t a bad thing….it gives form and shape, keeps bones healthy,
and regulates metabolism…..your husband is most certainly not a good

CodrGirl says:

your husband doesn’t look healthy nor happy… He looked like he was
healthier before. Perhaps you should take a moment to see if he really
wants to be doing this 100%. I get the impression your opinions bulldozed
through his.

Tina says:

I am looking forward to my raw journey. I have had several bad starts but
this time I am trying my hardest to stay the course. I just ate a bowl of 1
sliced banana with i sliced mango and I am so full!

Yasmine Parish says:

Is it strange that I am concerned about losing my rack and butt? I know odd
question but I want to lose weight and keep it off but those are the two
things I like about my self.I want a curvy figure just with out the extra
curve in the middle. I can’t become a Vegan right now. However, I am
working on becoming a raw till four then eating vegan food because that
would make it easier on me. Right now I am eating a raw vegan breakfast
(large fruit smoothie) a Vegetarian lunch, and whatever for dinner. I am
losing weight but that is just something I I am concerned about.

thefugitive1965 says:

don’t want to sound rude, but you are so hot. totally sexy. I could say a
lot more… but won’t out of respect. but hot…..

Arlén Vestby says:

You two were a beautiful couple BEFORE you went 811.

Michele du Toit says:

You look great.

Pure RawNature says:

Thanks so much for this inspiring video! I am in a similar place to you on
my journey, and this made so much sense to me. Keep it up!

Ramesh Pyakurel says:

To average people who want to melt fat–but can’t get started. Copy and
Paste Into Google Skinnimaker System right away.

MissGreyBlueEyes says:

so what did you do wrong in the beggining? why did you even gain more
weight? can you share what mistakes you made? thank you. greetings from

hocuspocus says:

you’re absolutely right thank you for sharing! <3

Hanna Ho says:

Nice vid! But I have a question, how do you maintain this while you are in
holiday season… Christmas is just around the corner.. and I like to bake
for friends and family, how can I control my eating desire… I just really
want to reach my dream goal by new year. I am currently 57kg and 160cm. I
want to get down to 50kg by the end of the year… Pls help! 

Alexis Moeller says:

how did you figure out what kind of calorie intake was right for you?

Bruce McKeever says:

You look amazing!!! I hope to try this soon…

Heidi Radda says:

Where are you from? You have a slight accent. Just curious :)

danielle says:

U are an inspiration and u never come off as a liar u come off as someone
who is telling the truth and wants to inspire others!

Ma va says:

You looked normal before. I think that if you did this because the health
(eating right ) is ok, but if you did it because you thought you were fat
then I think you had issues with your weight. Your boyfriend looks almost
sickly thin. 

Roshi the Sayian says:


Rosine Rehnmark says:

Oh and I forgot to say, congratulations on achieving your ideal shape! You
look great. :) You are such an inspiration, please keep up the good work.

David Greenman says:

Hello Yulia, Thank you for your response. It isnt my knees, its been
different areas from my hips down at one time or another. So I began
learning about bare foot and minimalist running. This has helped but it
just seems as tho the body adapts, heals and responds to these heathier
changes slowly. As for seeing an allopath-(symptomologist/md). No. Nope. I
have little trust in them. I am a certified detoxification/dietary
lifestyle specialist. Ive seen the damage allopaths do.

mevsikov says:

gj, you look really hot.

Dalila Noone says:

She is beautiful naturally But The Banana Girl Breelee is the sexiest.

Alina A Islam-Hashmi says:

wait so a person can eat too much fruit and vegetables?

David Greenman says:

To answer your other questions: I have had aches and pains from my hips on
down bi-laterally for most of my running life which began in the 5th grade
to present. I stretch a bit, yes. My knees are fine, they have never been
an issue. What I have noticed that when I began wearing my barefoot (zero
drop) merrells, my form etc have improved but this is also due to having a
better understanding of the importance of proper running form. Yes I’ve had
injuries in the past. They come and they go.

Rawsomehealthy says:

Rosine, thank you! Ok, I will look into it! :-)

Rawsomehealthy says:

Oh yes, of course, how could we forget.

Rawsomehealthy says:

Yes you are right that being underweight is not healthy and at that time
both of us were not healthy and eating enough as stated on the video.
Nowhere do we state that being skinny means we were fitter and healthier.We
promote the understanding that everyone needs to eat enough food so they
can fuel their bodies properly, which at that time we were not doing and is
a story we wrote about in our new book The Raw Message. Hope this clarifies

serenadesea says:

Are you supposed to drink one gallon of juice per day?

aRawLifestyle says:

only cooked I eat is quinoa and lightly steamed veggies…pregnant do not
want to do 100% raw but I am 100% most days…

thefictionxwelive says:

I would like to know what types of exercise you have benifited from the
most? :)

DeathAdder83 says:

Went from being hot to being hot. Yeah Carrots Bitch!

serenadesea says:


h00dini says:

How old are you?

arbonac says:

I think she’s Austrian. She sounds a little like Arnie.

mport09 says:

Maybe you need to work out enough and sleep properly and be hydrated.

Rawsomehealthy says:

Running, including fast running and calisthenics, which are bending,
jumping, swinging, twisting or kicking, using your own body weight for

al karg says:

gee, couldn’t u pose in a bathing suit or something? proofs in the pudding
or so they say. tks for trying tho’

serenadesea says:

Is it expensive to eat mostly fruit? Can you eat a mixture of fruit and
vegetables? What does 80/10/10 mean? Are these ratios unflexible?

lovemyalaska says:

Would this type of eating stop diabetes if your in the pre diabetic stage?

Rawsomehealthy says:

Girls and boys, thank you, you really inspire me!

Joy Sundari says:

Congratulations Yulia!you are very very beautiful! very nice video!

norxcontacts says:

What did you eat today?

Vegan Daddy says:

Not enough calories….plain and simple friend.

Marvin Raw says:

a not to light overweight male person with maximal motivation for training
needs 6 months to run <20min on a typical somewhat healthy diet. but i
think u can get there even faster on a raw vegan diet. I have more
endurance on a clean vegan (not raw yet) diet allready.

NuclearNympho says:

yes it does!

Rawsomehealthy says:

Please explore my earlier videos on weight loss and the sorts of foods you
need to be eating to achieve the results you want as bananas and dates are
dense calorific fruits.

Elise Scott says:

How did you reduce your caloric intake and still feel satisfied after going

Rawsomehealthy says:

Yes, will make a video on it.

MissDietfreak says:

How many calories a day? ???? I’d love to know

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