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Title: Fitness Nutrition 1135
Author: Danny Angulo
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My Menu
For One Week.

MyPlate Food Guide

EER = 662 – 9.53 x age + [PA x (15.91 x Weight + 539.6 x Height)]
I chose the food guide, MyPlate, implemented in 2011 by First Lady Michelle Obama
USDA Secretary as the federal governments new food icon. Personally I am a visual learner, and I know a balance in my life and my food is very necessary to maintain a healthy self; therefore, I really agree with MyPlate's suggestions to eating. I appreciate that it is simple and even in Spanish. When I am thinking of what to eat or looking at a meal, it
is easy for me to remember 5 parts: fruits, grains, vegetables, protein
and dairy. MyPlate encourages
me to make my plate balanced visually, so the nutrients I need
are also balanced(USDA, 2014).
From September 20 to 27.






Fruits, Grains
Vegetables, Protein

Nutrition Analysis Assignment

Fitness Nutrition 1135

Jennifer Mason

3 Dietary Improvem


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