My Weight-Loss Story: How I loss 40lbs on the Raw Food diet

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A little bit about my 20 year long raw food roller coaster ride and the 5 things I changed to finally be able to lose weight, maintain it and stay on the raw Food wagon!!!




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78irinka says:

результат потрясающий !!!!! жаль на русском нету((((((((( Тоже хочу встать
на путь здорового питания. Может посоветуете как…. Заранее БлагоДарю!

aquablushgirl says:

Nadia you are completely gorgeous! I am 39 in a couple of months and you
put me to shame. I am so flabby and unfit and my skin is breaking out like
a teenager. You have inspired me to get my act together. If I could look
a fraction as healthy and beautiful as you then I would be happy! Please
keep making the videos and tell us about how you did it in more detail. I
am currently about 195lbs and 5 feet 10″ and a UK size 16. This is the
biggest I have ever been. I used to be slim! Keep helping us girls – we
need you! xxx

Greg Robb says:

I feel I can really relate to you. I love Freelee, but she is a bit
intense and her fantastic body is intimidating! She is a freak of nature.
lol. Great inspiration thanks!

Anna T says:

Really enjoyed that. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being so open,
I too have been drinking 3 litres a day along with all the water in my
smoothies and know exactly what your talking about. There’s something I
just do not understand though, I have done my research, I know that it
takes the body more energy to turn carbohydrates into fat stores than it
does to just burn them off by increasing your temperature so that is why
you do not gain weight eating huge amounts of carbs but what im not
understanding is if you already have lots of fat stores, how by eating 2500
plus a day are you going to lose weight? I read that it takes a deficit of
3500 cals to lose 1lb so how did you lose 14+ KG’s in 6 months by eating so
much? It’s clearly possible as you look fantastic but I feel it would help
me greatly to understand it. Thanks. 

Hippy Krissy says:


BeU tiful says:

When/how can I meet you / people like you? Want support! xx

marissa nagel says:

Wow! I thought you were in your early twenties when I watched your other
videos, you look AMAZING!

Lorella Calleja says:

Hi Nadia, how many calories one should eat when starting a fully raw vegan
diet…? Or this doesn’t affect weightloss? Thanks a lot :) xx

3rikaMD says:

Thank you for sharing this video!

Dana Mak says:

That’s awesome, what a great achievement … you look amazing ..

reealitey says:

the sound is really poor on your videos

Mary Renner says:

I am eating 90% raw now but only maybe 1200 to 1500 a day, I have been
doing this for 3 months and haven’t lost much weight but I have lost
inches. I started on my journey about 3 years ago (divorce lead to weight
gain that lead to “what the heck am I doing”) and lost 40 pounds but I
still have some to go. I started with no meat, no dairy, no wheat a year
ago and just recently decided to go raw. How can possibly eat that many
calories? I hear you all talk about this all the time on these videos and
it freaks me out.

Kim Haze says:

awww.. cute flex!! lookin good. keep it up!! (i still have the
calorie/carb restriction mindset and they MUST have high metabolisms!

BalletDancer26 says:

Really miss your videos! I hope you continue to make more!! <3

Lori Sassen says:

Where did you go? I started this lifestyle because of you! What happened? I
would like to see more of your videos!

Georgia Eastwell says:

Out of curiosity, I know what you’re saying is the key is persistence,
movement and a positive attitude. And searching for a quick fix often leads
to failure and binging.
But I was wondering when one first starts the high carb vegan diet and
exercise schedule, can they lose 1-2 kgs in the first fortnight?
Or is it really a gradual process that takes months before a change in
physical appearance becomes recognisable? Thank you so much xx 

CarmenIsaHotMess says:

Stumbled on you channel from Freelees channel- I must thank you for being
so honest about things that you changed (like in the garments) some forget
to really tell us the nitty gritty of it all… makes it more realistic and
something that can be accomplished.

Tonya Renee says:

What is the brand name of the sports bra? Thanks.

E-Z On Raw says:

You rule!!!

Caraleigh Thomas says:

Hi Nadia,
I’m at a tough point in my weight loss journey on raw. I’ve got the jelly
belly and I’m so frustrated, wanting to give up, because I work out so
hard!!! My belly seems to be bigger on this lifestyle. Do you have any
suggestions? What am I doing wrong if at all. Thanks!

Vanessa Nemeth says:

you only look like you’re early 20’s! not 39, that’s amazing

Nathan B says:

I can relate to that, “I have wrecked it, might as well wreck it good”

Clarissa Mc Kenzie says:

I am so THRILLED, LIKE OVER THE MOON THRILLED tha I found your channel! I
saw you with freelee and made a comment if you had a channel and I got a
reply from a viewer that knew! Nadia, You look smashing! I could totally
relate to you and your video I watched and really wanted to see and hear
more from you. You and Joe Cross are my hero’s. I am so happy to see more
of you. I totally love your personalit and spirit and the transformation.
You make me feel like I can get there too. I am pretty close just 30 to go!
WOW! Soo happy to see you ! Keep the viseos coming, you make a difference!

Karen Lobodzinski says:

Do more please!!!

6r0kenWin6s says:

+Fat2FitonFRUIT HI :D I just started yesterday with the raw vegan fruit
diet and your video helped me very much on my way I guess, thank u for
that! I’m just watching your and Freelee’s videos all day long haha!!! I
still have about to lose 12 kilos and I really want to loose them as
quickly and as healthy as possible! So I want to do this diet PROPERLY
because you said you were on this diet but still didn’t loose weight until
you changed things like water decreasing (I actually drank 2 l a day but I
just manage drinking 1 to 1.25 now ), sport (I just do some activity at
home…would that be any good?:D), TV(I don’t watch it :D) and INCLUDING
GRAINS you said? Which do you mean? I don’t eat them at all :O does Freelee
banana girl eat them? Please help me I don’t know how u mean!!! And I
really want to loose weight so is it ok to just eat fresh rape fruits,
dried fruits, fresh vegetables, 3% seeds, nuts like freelee in a day?
Another important question is that is it ok to eat raw CACAOPOWDER and
CINNAMON??????? Thank you for your help and your informative video by the

Corika Dodd says:

What an awsome inspiration. Thank you for putting in time and effort to
help others make a change to their lives. My change starts now…. 

Liarna Grant says:

Just get your tattoo and tattoo over that an make it into something u like

dharmababy59 says:

Great vid Nadia. Do you incorporate low fat cooked food in your diet like
Freelee and Harley do? I’m finding that it’s keeping me from losing weight
and gets me on that roller coaster of craving things like bread, beans,

2010intrigued says:

You are an inspiration, thank you for sharing with us ;)

kailash chand says:

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Skinnimaker System so you can get started

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