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Four weeks ago I took on the Dash Diet weight loss solution challenge and boy am I glad I did.
It all started when I went in for an appointment and was told that I had hypertension. Wow this was a huge slap in the face for me because I was always a healthy eater. Now I know my doctor always said that all I had to do was loose about 10 lbs and that high number would easily be brought down to the normal range. This is where the Dash diet weight loss solution comes in.

Please note that the results mentioned on this video are soley my results and in no way guarantees the same results.


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Ginger Tansil says:

Will do!

Yura Palaznuk says:

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Misha Stishiv says:

Hey! I’m Olivia.I did -15 lbs in two weeks.Open

Chinthaka Basnayaka says:

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Laura Marcus-Jones says:

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