My 109 lb Weight Loss Journey: Diet Pills & Fad Diets

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Six years ago I embarked on the BIGGEST and most significant journey of my life–weight loss. I never thought I would lose over 100 lbs but with embracing life changes and a whole new outlook on life–I did it. To this day I continue to maintain my “new self” with a combination of fitness, a healthy diet and a positive attitude!

Today’s topic is cheating while on a weight loss journey and how I dealt with it. Please check out the other videos in my weight loss Series as well as my eBook, Embracing the Change.

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My Everyday Health & AOL Weigh Loss Article:

*Please note that I am not a certified nutrition professional. The content presented in this video is meant to give tips on eating healthier. I’m sharing what worked for me during my 100+ lb weight loss. Please check with your doctor before altering your own diet.


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Dani Marie says:

Thanks for sharing!! 

StevenTocher says:

I hear you great motivational video, keeps me going! :D 

Tiffany Davis says:

Good video. I wish I was as motivated as you. :( I guess it just takes time

sjtherage says:

you look great and dewey! It’s so nice to see someone who has fair skin
like me who works it and doesn’t tan (I’m glad you protect your skin)! I
shouldn’t be biased and watch pretty people only but your beauty is
inspirational (I have to admit)! I’m so thankful I’m at an age where I’m
not willing to do ‘anything’ to lose weight and look better. I truly want
to feel good.

tRaywoollies says:

Of course they wouldn’t acknowledge they’re so jealous that she looks

Dionna85870510 says:

This was so helpful. I just want to go for a run now. & I love the way she
says cowfee.

Figure Friendly Foodie says:

No, they never really acknowledged it!

JadoreNelle says:

Um… Can I get a recipe for the Chocolate Angel Food Cake too? lol

OhKelci says:

You don’t have to answer this as it seems kind of personal, but has Jim’s
family ever aknowledged your success or weightloss? I know you don’t really
interact with them, but I am just curious if they have ever said anything.
I am sure they hate the fact that you are so hot!! You rock.

TheVelvetraindrop says:

Sorry to be so blunt, but they seem like a-holes.

Li Li Nelly says:

i never thought about cheat days like that…love that quote!

Figure Friendly Foodie says:

I’ll have plenty of new Figure Friendly recipes coming in the near future!

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