Man Arrested in Ferguson Police Shooting

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Jeffrey Williams, 20, told law enforcement the officers were not the intended shooting targets.


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Kitsune Kyuubi says:

so it takes police no time at all to find a cop shooter but let a young
black person get murdered and it swept under the rug

valhala56 says:

When they autopsy this mofo they will find that inside his skull is filled
with Rice Crispies. 

Nikrotikan Pythagoras says:

Breaks everyones heart that this young handsome African American youth have
scared this community with these actions of violence in attempt murder.

So very sad. My heart is with the families who suffer.

James Fitz says:

Fagot ass niggers.

veoozo says:

Death sentence! Fuck you ABC, you love to mention the race every three
seconds when an officer defends himself against a black criminal, but when
a black criminal hurts a police officer, you don’t mention race. Fuck you!
Death sentence to this pile of shit criminal!

UnordinaryLife says:

What an animal…

Bruh Man-ATL says:


AMGV3 says:

Chris Rock? 

Asian Beast says:

Wow the community helps the cops, but do the cops really help the

TheGoldenBear says:


FDSeoul San Diego says:

Another gentle giant.
Remember pants up don’t loot.

Jawawda- HD says:


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