KT Rolster vs CJ Entus – LCK Spring Week 3

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Welcome to the League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split!
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Friebemann Friebe says:

144p… i want to watch lol, not minecraft

Stef Willemse says:

the question is.. will it get higher than 480p?

caillet14 says:

Why do Korean audience members always hide their faces when filmed?

Kai tri says:

all you guys asking
“is it only 144/240/360/…p for me?”
should better ask
“am i the only one new on youtube or do i just lack a brain and any common

np for helping

polkysan says:

Did tsm woned?, will riot stop making cringey stupid promo’s?, will i solve
my premature ejaculation problems by backdooring my gf’s nexus? Find out
the answers to these burning questions and more next time on WHERES 1080p

kelveeeeennnnn says:

Whats the song at 2:36:39?

Elias Lehtonen says:

Is it only 144p only for me?

GoLeafszGo says:

Why is Helios still in korea?

Hibye9988 says:

That would actually be a really cool troll item for supports. Slight change
would be it would only do scaling damage and once you target someone it
activates the damage when they are low enough for it to kill them. 1:13:10

Rafi Brodie says:

45:47 Game 1 Champ Select
52:56 Game Start
(not adding others cause spoilers)

Stef Willemse says:

It was 360p 5 mins ago… wut

Vasco Neves says:

omg … now i dont need to wait for the english uploads ! such a great

Kuchiri says:

Only 144p :(

Vinh Nguyễn Lê says:

Everytime KT were able to escape, there was a death shot from Coco

Ailes Loki says:

Perma ban for Jinx?…… . 

Chris Chi says:

Cj entus 2015 worlds inc.

Kyosuke Kiryu says:

3:22:44 madlife is not amused

Ghost Death says:

how can isee a bracket ?

FranknBeriSC says:

What is the best build on gnar?

goutzer says:

I’m in love with the Coco

Czechu - Krul Lasu says:

pierszy siema

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