Korean Diet Trend and Weight Loss

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Sorry guys that I look so down for this video :( Dono why though, perhaps I was hungry because of my eating less diet by the time when I was filming this!! Haha, btw upcoming video is about Guy’s skin care and if you want to get to know me better personally, add me on instagram!!! The ID is – beautayfulkorea !
Always thanks for watching and any comments are more than welcomed XD xoxo


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한국의 뷰티 문화를 세계에 알리는 위시트렌드


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7694Linda says:

I’m 101 and 5 ft 1… it’s so hard to lose the last 3 kg xc

Suzanne Blanco says:

*.* Amazing ideas! When I order a weight loss product *-* I know that it
works best with exercise. I’m a couch potato through and through *. . .*
and if this had any marginal effect on me, I promised to myself that I
would start exercising a bit *. . .* even if it kills me! lol

Ria Rima says:

Want to lose weight? Do more than just think about it. You don’t need to
hold off while you keep searching for an abundance of motivation to lose
weight. What you need is an abundance of action.

Ingra Taylor says:

What’s the difference between Korean diet from any other diet methods? Is
this really effective? I’m just curious!

Francesco Masotti says:

+WISHTrendTV Google it! This book provides some good *Fat Furness Perfecta
Solution* ideas and suggestions which will help one in the ongoing pursuit
of weight loss. Read through it and you will pick up some things you may
not have thought of previously.

Ana Verescu says:

where can i buy this ? live in france

kuroichan101 says:

Too much korean diet trends are just starving yourself. There is a
difference between dieting and starving yourself.

Coconutsugar says:

There is no need for this. Want to lose weight, and be the healthiest and
happiest you’ve ever been? Go check out freelee the banana girl on youtube.
Starving is WRONG. Eat as much CARBS as you want. Be happy. Live
stress-free. Life’s too short. I eat rice all day, every day and I never
get fat ;) So yeah, don’t believe me? CHECK HER OUT. 

Kitty Cat Kiss says:

Sorry, but you’re basically starving yourself.. Very unhealthy Korean

Caprice Tj says:

Just do 50 sit ups per day

SuperBass BeautiFulMe says:

Where can you order the Han yak ? 

Dorothy Kam says:

Ur not reli fat, U look ok, i dont think you need to loose weight.

rida habib chorfa says:

fillees and pretty good sentence

James Jenny says:

Have you heard about the Korean body patches that you apply to help with
fat loss? It sounds totally crazy, but since you were talking about Korean
diets. We like to try different diets like the Tiny Tea detox and the
slimming patches on our channel.

Mikoto Riku says:

My height is 171cm and my weight is 58kg, so I started exercising… about
three weeks ago, but still, there’s no difference. And I don’t eat anything
wrong I think… my mother is a doctor so I asked her for help and she
control what I eat. So, is there any possibility I can buy this product on
the internet? (because I’m pretty sure we don’t have anything like this in
my country) Please help, I think I look really gross..

Nofretari says:

What is the Name of the herb you take? I would like to look it up.

Azim Agus says:

you kinda reminds me of bts j-hope

Malika AH says:

In my country we don’t need to be thin its appreciated that a woman have
beautiful curbs ,god bless my country 

Logen Bogen says:

The fact that they have to exercise in order to get healthier is completely
right. But the illusion of loosing weight by starving (e.g. eating one meal
a day) is the opposite. I think everyone (you too) knows that. If they
continue starving themselves they’ll get fatter and fatter. However, thanks
for the great piece of information about Korean Diet Trend. Kind regards

Kpop lover says:

Where can I get the drink product in Toronto Canada? What store? If they
have them here

Nabila Ahmeidiati says:

Its true that clothes size in Korea are ridiculously limited in general.
When I went to Korea, like almost ALL of the shops I went in only have
jeans until the size of 29 or even 26 (!!!). You need to go to foreign
brand shops like h&m and others to get size larger than 29/26. T 

bigmusicfan17 says:

Do you know if you can get this in the US??

Pastel Kitty says:

There’s a lot if negative comment you guys please stop she is talking who
to loss weight or a diet jeez 

Kia Vang says:

Something is wrong with korean people. This world is about you not what
other people think. It’s crazy how people like you don’t have control of
your own life. Live conformable at your pase. Trying to live your life as a
superstar imagine, your living in a lala land. I think you should go back
to Spain. 

Shelly says:

Where can you get Hanyak?

Chloe Kim says:

NO HANYAK WORST THING EVER. My parents made me take it it tasted HORRIBLE. 

LadyOrchidity Heartily says:

Can you send me some?? I have tried So Hard to loose Weight!!

Nam Hoang says:

ExprezSliminizer offers the best products to lose weight in no time.

gabby sanchez says:

where can I buy this product?

sammy ross says:

where I can buy this kind of drink pls?

Ellen King says:

Want to lose weight? Do more than just think about it. You don’t need to
hold off while you keep searching for an abundance of motivation to lose

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