Ketogenic Diet – I lost 80lbs in 4-5 months – Ketosis

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Ketogenic Diet
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The Ketogenic diet made simple
Basically, Keto is a diet that deliberately encourages a metabolic state known as ketosis by removing dietary carbohydrates and liver-glycogen. This diet reduces your appetite and satisfies completely, which is great and a no brainer for weight-loss. Keto is basically a fat-loss diet on autopilot and when your body is depleted of carbs and glycogen, your body then looks for a different source of energy, which is fat.
Ketogenic Diet – I lost 80lbs in 4-5 months – Ketosis


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Hb Kaba says:

Thank you to all for such amazing comments. I got a bit overwhelmed because
there is just so much comments… but truly from the bottom of my heart…

coral laroc says:

What’s with the wood at 2.09? Lol

carling5 says:

5:20-5:55 is EVERYTHING. It really touched me because I’m sure a lot of
people feel the same way. You are an example that when you discipline
yourself and accomplish something, the pride and boost to self-esteem are
immeasurable. My problem is always starting over. I’ll do well for 2-3
days and then we’ll have a catered event at work and I’ll go ape-shit on
dessert (my weakness). I’m not obese, but would definitely like to lose 15
lbs before I go on my cruise in 26 days. If you can lose 85 lbs, in 5
months, I can lose 15 lbs in 26 days, but nothing takes the place of
DISCIPLINE. I’ve been losing and gaining the same 5-7 pounds all year, but
that end now. TODAY is the first day of my keto journey. Thanks for this
wonderful video and God bless you. : )

Louanna Davis says:

You made me cry. I am so proud of you…and I am proud of me. Started
this life style and lost 10 pound in 10 days. Went from 205 lbs to 195
lbs. Awesome results.

Hb Kaba says:

+Timothy Hoffer 1 carb day per week, and I did calithstetics, jump rope

Kenzie N says:

I’ve been on this diet for a little over a month. Already down 30 pounds!
Keep going! 

worktvk says:

Good job! This is super inspirational.

Andre Araujo says:

good for you man! i was 250 at 5’10. currently 180. im trying ketogenic
diet for last 20 pounds of a goal weight of 160. wish me luck.

susique333 says:

Watching this video is so empowering! I am 57 and I have lost so much
time. Thank you!

Scot Free says:

Even without the X factor emotional music, this is on point. All power to
you. Well done!

Brian Harris says:

man your an inspiration for this diet!!! I’ve known about this diet did it
last year and dropped 45 lbs in 5 weeks but I was also in the gym 2 hours a
day. I messed up gave up and gained more back. I’m going to start back
because of this video I lost sight in the KETO DIET but appreciate the
words of wisdom and I will show my pics soon after a couple months…I am
also 6’5 now 340 lbs and I once was a great athlete but always gave up like
yourself. I’m still young and next year is a big year for me I’m trying out
for the NFL mini camps for the public and when I make it were meeting in
person I will make it!!! Keep up the good work brother and glad this book
is a success.

Ava V. Wells Novak says:

you have a lot of heart, love it 

Casey J says:

Wow, you are an inspiration. I needed this man, I’ve just began my Ketosis
diet and I’m just in the beginning stage and it’s been really difficult and
I was feeling really weak, the carb carving are unbearable right now but
this gave me strength to keep going. I can’t thank you enough, my friend.

appygirl970 says:

Holy shit your an INSPIRATION to us all! 

sara dutton says:

good for you :) ive been on keto for 5 days and lost 7 lbs so far..

nilayan moodley says:

congrats on your weight loss brother !! did you exercise as well ? if so
what did you eat pre/post workout on a low carb diet ?

robert4you says:

Greetings from Sweden. Congratulations to your impressive weight loss. I
lost 33 lbs (15 kg) in 4 months thanks to Low Carb High Fat (called LCHF
here in Sweden). 20 lbs left for me… It has actually been very easy
because you are never hungry when doing Low Carb High fat – and the body
burns fat like crazy ;-)

sabbietoch says:

you’re a sweety. I’m happy for you.

Lakeisha Rome says:

That’s awesome!!

codename4706 says:

Good Job!!!

Hb Kaba says:

+jimmy22122 thanks dude
@Lam Le.. carb refeed was once every 2weeks.

Vondale Reynolds says:

powerful !! Been on it for 2 weeks now, but I need more guidance to make
sure i am doing it properly ..will get the book thanks

Bill Clinton says:

Hassane, thanks for the video bro! I can relate. I too used to use food to
forget about my issues. I started the ketogenic diet a week ago at 245 lbs
at 5 foot 8. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Anyways, take care
man. I’m gonna give your book a read.

Hb Kaba says:

+bristay1 Thank you very much, and you are lovely <3

Greig Cahill says:

Wonderful story. Very inspirational, very well done. PS. Great music too.

Jason Kid says:

That’s amazing dude! Cutting out all/most carbs when you love eating. I
know how hard that must have been. Keep up the great progress! 

Julia Akoteu says:

how did you figure out your macros?

Scott Devine says:

Slap your nipples! “Oh Hell Na This Ain’t Gonna Do!”

DeepThinkingWisdom says:

حسان كعبه والله ونعم
its a muslim name
I’m proud of you brother I’m in my way to lose weight In’sha’a’allah

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