Juicing Diet Recipe Drink For Morning Weight Loss!

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A Diet Juice Recipe Drink is a great beverage to add to your breakfast routine for weight loss. Packed with nutrients, low in calories and zero artificial ingredients this nutrient dense drink will give you sustained energy through the morning to perform at your best.

If you got any recipes please share!

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prem lama says:

Those are blackberries

Jackie Campbell says:

Those are blackberries 

lalsinha tarkaya says:

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sajjad zaheer says:

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RobertSinclair says:

Hey your absolutely right there is more fiber in the pulp left in the
juicer. Shit is still better than vacuum orange juice at the store.

kittyone33 says:

lol…I noticed that also.

muhudu says:

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mrjewetstudio says:

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Nalaka Vetanage says:

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moonraven312 says:

Lol, you have blackberries not blueberries. Lol! You must be doing some
other juices too…

anita bell says:

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soapies1973 says:

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Эдик Жуков says:

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Janet J says:

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erika newsom says:

THE BAG on the JUICER!!! BRILLIANT…why didn’t I think of that?! That’s
great! That makes clean up even faster!!! Oh yeah and the juice I’m gonna
try it! Can’t wait. Oh wait… no you didn’t just really put a banana in
the juicer. Oh man. FYI People…there are some fruits you cannot put in a
juicer. Namely one being the banana. It will kill your juicer’s motor. You
have to use the blender for the bananas.

Smith Green says:

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Claudia R says:

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Katie Wright says:

Ur blueberrys are actually blackberrys :-/ just thought I’d let u know :)

black don says:

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amr elnahas says:

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Shajedul islam says:

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Rizky Ardiansyah says:

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rajesh bharati says:

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Radu Alexandrescu says:

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ncron714 says:

Correct me if im wrong but you don’t get any fiber when juicing because all
the fiber is in the skin and that ends up as the pulp. But juicing does

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