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– Microsoft patents eye-tracking keyboard software http://pocketnow.com/2014/12/24/eye-tracking-keyboard
– Samsung in-development budget tablet could be a Galaxy Tab 4 Lite http://pocketnow.com/2014/12/24/galaxy-tab-4-lite
– Kodak-branded Android handset tipped for CES http://pocketnow.com/2014/12/24/kodak-smartphone
– Demand for iPhone 6 remains strong says report http://pocketnow.com/2014/12/24/demand-for-iphone-6-strong
– NVIDIA puts other Android OEMs to shame with speedy 5.0.1 update http://pocketnow.com/2014/12/24/shield-tablet-android-5-0-1

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Microsoft’s new and weird patent to help you type on your keyboard. Samsung follows as we learn more details of some budget tablets coming to CES 2015. Kodak follows as the company seems to want to get into the smartphone business. Apple then takes the spotlight as we learn about the demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We end today’s show talking about NVIDIA and how it has taken leadership in Android software updates.

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Nick S says:

As an iPhone user who constantly gets security and feature updates
throughout the year and major updates annually, I still cannot believe that
some people buy new flagship android phones with year-old software running
it. Wow… Talk about a security and optimisation nightmare..

LdeinerProductions says:

Having the ability to update whenever the software is released is very
important to me. It’s one of the big reasons that I will most likely not
switch to Android.

GameNationRDF says:

I just love how Nvidia makes the OEM’s look like spoiled children. Nvidia
is an enthusiast and caring company. The love what they are doing and
respect costumers!

Tech A.M. says:

When it comes to tablet I would prefer stock Android, therefore I would go
with a Nexus. The reason being is, well, since it is a tablet and I want
fast updates since it is just nice to have the latest operating system. If
I were to choose a phone then I don’t really mind that much about fast
updates because I would already have a stock Android device (my Nexus
tablet). Also I like Touchwiz (except the lag of course) because of all the
cool features and the way it makes phones much more productive than stock

duniecool says:

The official upgrade ability is not what I look for when buying a phone. I
look for a strong Dev community so I can get customized often better
updates anytime, a snappy hardware set up, and a close to stock software
experience. I have the HTC m8 and due to a great Dev community I have had a
5.0 based gpe ROM for months, since November 14 to be exact. 

tomar5e115 says:

Checked the source. No actual data was given in regards to the “survey”
Another easily fabricated story by Apple in order to push people to ‘follow
the crowd’
Think about it, make everyone think that everyone else is buying the device
and people follow in line like sheep. Same story EVERY YEAR. 

Rob nuttz says:

All I gotta say is… “HTC please hurry and release the m9 (Hima)! I can’t
wait!!! Screw crapsung and Apple. 

Jeremiah Bromell says:

I switched to iPhone 6+. Apple has unraveled support for all their phones.
No contest.

Bruno Gomes says:

Everyone likes to have an updated device. We don’t like to get stuck in old
versions of Android, and most of us buy a phone for more than one year, so
software updates are essential!

Kristopher Michaels says:

I used to want the updates as soon as they came out. However, over time I
could see how there is always another update right after the first one,
fixing the bugs that where in the first update. So now I feel it is OK if
it take Samsung or HTC a while to get the latest Google updates because
alot (if not all) bugs are out of the system by then. I don’t think it
should take a year or so but sometimes it is good to wait. 

Panzer_Z says:

Wow Jaime short-sighted much… Think of the doors that are opened to
disabled and handicapped people if you can type with just your eyes. With
this Hawkin would only need to move his eyes to type not to mention eye
tracking + swipe typing together should give you more accurate typing in
general on on-screen keyboards.

Enkhbayar Ochbadrakh says:

Nvidia rocks, even my nexus 7(lte version) hasnt got the fucking update yet
???? Google get your shit together 

David Jacobs says:

Software updates are not as important on android as it is on ios unless
you’re a google enthusiast. On android you dont lose out on that much being
a couple steps behind, you still get alot of support from google as oppose
to ios where if u are just one step behind you lose out on many features
and even apps become exclusive to that new update, so it varies.

Chris Crump says:

Software updates should mean nothing to android users because we have the
DEV community! iOS users only have that demand because if Apple drops
support for their device, they’re screwed. There are android users running
5.0 Lollipop on devices from 2010!

Sowande Brown-Lawson says:

Developers are motivated by sheer enthusiasm. Google and OEMs are motivated
by profits. So I prefer developer updates. Nothing gets in the way when a
dev wants to make something happen.

BatmansButt Butler says:

Nvidia Shield tablet is THE BEST tablet I owned. Seriously that controller
is amazing. 

Khotta Bogard says:

As an ios and android user, i don’t care in ios, because i am a jailbreaker
i always wait for the stable untethered jailbreak, on android, the changed
are major,and that’s a reason to buy nexus devices, stock android is very

Yi Fan Chin says:

Software updates are really important to me as they deliver bug fixes,
performance improvements, security updates, new features etc… 

Bon Jorte Badiango says:

In my experience as an Android user, software updates occasionally bring
more bugs and glitches aside from the promised fixes and new features. I
want reliable and functional software on my phone. 

Sureshot Orb says:

One of the main reasons I bought a Nexus 5 was because of the quick
updates, and I haven’t experienced Google struggling. I got 5.0.1 really

willcraft120 says:

Apple is way better for software updates. They push them all out at once
and if theyre non jailbreakable , then i dont update ;) love my jailbroken
6 plus

brian philips says:

I care a lot about quick software update (the reason I have a nexus 5). The
quicker the bug fixes the better.

Santiago Lafarga says:

I would love quick updates on android, but since sony, htc, samsung etc.
have their own skin and features it’s a pain.So I mostly depend on
third-party developers to get every new feature, which is still possible,
so I don’t really care 

Luis Felipe says:

This is very important, fragmentation is very bad for android

David Kaplan says:

lets face it if apple came out with a potato with a screen on it people
would still buy them by the ton

Healeetwotimes says:

I wouldn’t say its important, lets say id like it but if it gets out fast
to my phone and it doesn’t function properly is the problem I have.

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