How To Lose Weight In Just 10 days: how to lose belly fat

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How To lose weight In 10 days : Of all that you are doing to lose weight, the one that will get you to smell success is what you are not doing. A diet plan stuck at the rear of the door, dumbbells … It’s virtually impossible to lose real weight in only 10 days. However, you can lose a couple of pounds of water weight if you have a big event coming up that you … Aim to do the same every day: you’ve adopted your first weight loss habit. … I have cut down my sugar intake to the point where I only eat it in processed foods and the …. It has helped me back into a size 10 where I havent been for 30 years!

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How To lose weight In 10 days


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shantel cooper says:

dose walking helps to loose weight fast I need help iam not eating right at
all we have no apple but we do have eggs and grapes I don’t feel like me at
all exercise help to

Samki Lomke says:

Just don’t waste your time andbucks and effort on weight losssupplements or
lotions as their outcomes if any are simply just non permanent.

Fimka Mio says:

There is no way to lose fat without risk with­out having w­or­kout properly
and handle the eating plan. Drugs & pills will include harmful

Ellen King says:

Eating crappy food isn’t a reward — it’s a punishment.

How to lose weight fast for women says:

very good tips

emma bendall says:

My diet plan that lost me 10 pounds in 2 weeks is have a fruit salad for
breakfast have a salad for lunch and have an omelette for dinner xx ❤️❤️

Ingra Taylor says:

What no one really talks about, though, is the main reason many of us fail
with our weight loss efforts: our minds won’t let us.

Surabhi Lal says:

apple eggs and oranges seems fine but whats with he chicken and fish..i
mean any thing that is fully vegetarian says:

We enjoyed your clip!!

Sanket Yelamanchili says:

what can i eat instead of grape fruit?cos it’s not available in
india.please give reply.

Morgan Miller says:

You could lose fat safely and avoid gaining weight back again if you have
the correct nutrition plan, without the need of pills, tough exercises…

R4YMAN says:

La gente, ahora dicen adiós a su grasa no deseada. Iniciar el plan
ExprezSliminizer y obtener los resultados de su historia buscados en ningún

Elaine Foster says:

*-* What a healthy and balanced weight loss regimen. *…*
It’s really a requirement to eat precisely right during this kind of
challenge. Nutrition is the key to fitness, not malnutrition.

Andrea Laguna says:

What if I’m deadly allergic to fish? What should I eat instead? 

Lorraine Joyner-Gregg says:

This diet really worked for me. I am repeatedly doing it until I loose all
the weight I am going to loose. Thanks.

Frederick Baeza says:

Awesome video!

Sára Maria Dalsgarð says:

Can you also do your’e daily-workout, while being on the diet?

dagmawitgdg says:

Nice thanks

Rebecka Limen says:

I have 75 kgs.i wont to lous my weight and lose my bely but that food
evryday need I make or no reply me pls tnx

David Bass says:

Is this great method a bit hard for you? Tryout *ExprezSliminizer* to
acheive desired results ASAP. My mom lost 70 lbs. with it in 2 months.

Lorraine Joyner-Gregg says:

This diet works for me. I have Horton down to 227 .lbs but I went off of it
and Cheated like crazy. But if I don’t just be a pig and glut out. I really
do loose weight on this diet. I prepare everything the days before and I
just take my food to work and go.

I have to break the bad habit of just eating because others are eating
snacking or free food is around the office. People always offer you food or
snacks when your trying to refrain.

It gets a little boring but oh well its worth it.

I’m switch up my meats though some times. Like Turkey breast instead of
chicken breast and other fruits besides the ones given. But I keep the same
amounts -7oz of the meats-fish, chicken,, but I eat 2 peaches or 2 servings
of another fruit instead of 2 apples or tangerines or pears. You know like
that to break up the boredom. But I always stick with the Ted grapefruit in
the 10 am meal. Fish you can eat any kind, I’m tiered of salmon. So 7oz
fresh Tuna, freash Flounder, etc. 7 oz of Chicken breast, Turkey breast,
this I try to stay in the poultry area only. No red meats or processed

So what I might do is this:

7:00am- 2 hard boiled eggs
10:30 am- 1 red grapefruit
1:15 pm- 7 oz Turkey breast
3:10 pm- 2 Pears
6:00 pm- 7 oz Fish fillet
8:30 pm- 1 Tangerine

AnothergreatdayCali says:

We all like seeing results as of yesterday, but what happens once you get
off the diet? Although making small changes in your eating habits can take
longer than 10 days, you can see long lasting results.

Cindy Dean says:

What no one really talks about, though, is the main reason many of us fail
with our weight loss efforts: our minds won’t let us.

sandeep maharjan says:

Get your dream body from today onwards through *ExprezSliminizer*.

Rebecka Limen says:

I have 75 kgs.i wont to lous my weight and lose my bely but that food
evryday need I make or no reply me pls tnx

thesistar meilin says:

Its all food burner ;D

Rachel Andrews says:

There are times when I’m exercising, or times when I’m around food, and
I’ll think, I just can’t do this today. Or, I just can’t walk that extra
half-mile today.

xxjoe90xx661 says:

Here’s another affective method go to the gym three days out the week lol

Lorraine Joyner-Gregg says:

No I am not working out. And when I stick to this diet Yes it really Works
for me. I work out doors, so I get laborious Workout from my Job. I drink
plenty of Water and get plenty of Sleep. And when I do all these things the
Wright is coming off of Me. I was 279 .lbs. I started this diet at 246 .lbs
and I am down to and maintaining 229.lbs because I’ve been Cheating.

But when I go on this diet without Cheating it Really does Work well for
Me. BTW I work in the Parks department. So we work clean lift garbage etc.

sujaybhatta2009 says:

It’s nice and sure works. But i am afraid all those lost weights will come
back fast like an yo yo once you leave that diet. 

DeathAdder83 says:

Why does every “diet” seem to include a giant ass nasty grapefruit in them?

seema rani says:

Do you know about the weight shedding machine that lies hidden in your
body. Just Go And Google Fat Blast Furnace to bring it out.

Alan Plunkett says:

Nice video.

kumar poudyal says:

Hiya, have you discovered Skinnimaker System? (Google it) You will find out
about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With Skinnimaker System, you
will discover how to shed fat fast.

himyrisa says:

this will work only because youre eating so little calories

mudassir khan says:

I wanna decrease not increase my belly FAT ROFL. by eating all this egg
fish and chicken. 

Nishigandha Khot says:

Can you tell me how to make fish fillet and chicken breast or pls send me
the link of the video??

Saurav Shrestha says:

Nice vid. Now lose fat twice fast with ExprezSliminizer. Just Google search

Nóra Somogyi says:

watching the video I was like
I don’t like eggs
I don’t like grapefruit
I don’t eat meat
I don’t really like apple and orange :D

Lose Weight For Health says:

I do get it – a well controlled diet will take off the belly fat but it
wont be overnight. I found an appetite suppressant was a good starting
point before starting the diet – it meant I didnt have to think or
discipline just take a tablet and hour before meals. Dr Oz has more to say
about this .

Denny Webb says:

ma man boobs plz do a vid to help me

Beesan ebseseh says:

I will try it .thx

Dixe Helton says:

Check this out! Have you heard the talk about – Oz Fat Be Gone (just look
it up on google)? Ive heard some super things about it and my sister lost
28lbs within weeks with it.

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