Health & Fitness Routine : Weight Loss Journey, Diet & Tips

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Health & Fitness Routine : weight loss Journey, Diet & Tips

Hey guys I hope you are good!

This video as requested is my Health & Fitness Routine, on my current fitness goals, healthy lifestyle, tips, my diet and many more.

It was one of my goals to start a health and fitness journey, so this video includes all the things that I am currently doing in order to aim towards it.

I am currently on a challenge for 90days to get toned, build more lean muscle and get fit. So I hope you guys will enjoy watching my journey.

I plan to vlog weekly about new tips and challenges faced, as well as new meals and shakes that I have tried and made, in hopes to give you guys ideas and inspire you guys to stay healthy.

Summer is around the corner guys, so lets get fit and most importantly try and stay healthy ! You can do it ! Do not let anyone discourage you or make you think otherwise.

Thank you for watching this video guys, as always do thumbs up if you enjoyed it !

My main diet changes include – More protein food, more fruits and vegetables and less carbohydrate foods.

I’ve replaced my junk snacks with fruits, yogurts, nuts.

I go to the gym monday to Friday, or workout at home when I can not go to the gym.

The weekend is my time to rest and I allow myself to have a few snacks/junk in moderation.

Check out for more information on the challenge, kits and Q&A information.

Once you have decided on your goal and kit please go to my website and select a customer option -green button.

Follow the instructions and please select an autoship date as its only a monthly kit.

Once it takes you to username and password, that is designed so that all customers get their own unique website . That way if any of your friends and family are interested on jumping on board too, they can purchase their kits on your website which would automatically be up and running.

Your website allows you to be in control of your purchases, cancellation ,autoship enquiries, your 3 for FREE etc.

If you contact me via the website for enquiries or for help choosing a kit, please leave your name and email address so that I can contact you back.

To find out more information on kits that will help you with your weight loss / fitness journey. –

What’s inside the shakes:

Different amazing ways to make your shake or even pancakes:


If your interested in Earning money as you go through your transformation then a promoter is something you might want to take up.

A promoter is someone who is interested in 3 things, loosing weight/fit/healthier, helping other people to get fit and healthy and making extra income.

If interested in PROMOTING and looking for more information please contact Regional Director. – Tell her I sent you -Risi Jinadu : 07949023162, Instagram : FoxyRisi or
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Customer service number is for ALL other enquiries/questions
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90 day money back guaranteed.

I hope that helps!

Lets make 2014 a more healthier ! Speak to you guys later, love Liz x


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lizlizlive says:

Hey loves! I am loving your smoothie ideas and flavours, keep them coming!
For those that have asked, go to and watch for more
information on kits that will help you lose weight, get fit or build lean
muscle. To buy the shake mix or cookies go to
and for more recipe ideas go to :) I hope that helps x

Harriet Booth says:

To lose the weight effectively and maintain it, you must have a long term
plan instead of bouncing from diet to diet.

How to lose weight fast for women says:

great video! thanks for sharing:)

sassteann says:

Hi Liz!!! So I’m now starting the challenge. I’m enjoying your videos I
hope you create more 

Madting93 says:

You kinda remind me of Jourdan Dunn 

Shamique E says:

where’d you get the orange bikini from?

catherine hall says:

i know this is irrelevant but those shoes are gorgous >.<

melanie wilkins says:

You are so cute, great video.

Kate Blaber says:


Abby Dearing says:

how much is 9 stones?

Courtney Smith says:

Hey Liz I’m on my weightloss journey and I had a question do u make your
smoked salmon yourself or buy it ?….u look wonderful btw 

miguel abascal says:

i loved it and feel like it helped me allot

lovelyx06 says:

Good video. The only way you will get “toned” just a girly way to say
muscular is to lift weights and eat food high in protein. Don’t be afraid
of the racks ladies! 

iluvCookiee says:

Love it! You’re beautiful! I’m trying to be healthier too. I’ve found tea
is very satisfying and better for you that juice. I boil a pot of water,
add one tea bag (mint or green), 1/3 cup sugar, and put it in a large
pitcher and in the fridge. You can even heat it in the microwave when you
want something warm in your tummy. 

AllisBelle says:

well done Liz, I’ll be joining you on that challenge. Teyana taylor is one
of the regulars in my inspiration folder too!

aymonegirl says:

aww my baby I have not seen you in so long you look beautiful and lovely. 

TomiDFTV says:

I’m on my fitness journey too! You look great btw. Xxx

smileeee says:

your skin is glowing omg.

Mona_Lisa_25 says:

I started my fitness journey the first week in January and has been loving
it every since….I am glad u are starting the journey as well which will
be motivation for me but i already think your body is perfect

iloveyoutube78 says:

were is the link to ur page?

SkinGrindCleaver says:

i like…a lot

jerseygirl4ever87 says:

Is that your real hair? 

Belle Michelle says:

Lovely to see a new video from your Liz, I also use the VI shape Vanilla
flavoured power to make smoothies which I’ve replaced for my usual
breakfast. Xo

Randomroa says:

wtf is a stone? lol I’m confused! 

Bald Belle says:

I knew you’d weight from your previous video but i wasn’t sure if it was
stress-related or not. You look great and your face looks so fresh and
youthful, keep up the good work hun, it’s showing :-)

cheryk garrity says:

What one is it I order to lose weight? X

Kyla M says:

My kit should be arriving soon. Let’s do this!

Diamond Stayingfree says:

What program are you using to edit your?

jahcia says:

Hey chic I live in the UK and I’m on a weight loss journey myself. Where do
you purchase that mango dressing please?

Catch Fish Guaranteed says:

Hey! Have you considered – Spinz Yacon Molasses Syrup(Have a quick look on
google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some great things about it
and my mate got great health benefits with it. 

Kaisa Blaad says:

A huge tip for seeing result is food, the food affects 70% of the “result”.
I always thought it was all about the training but it’s actually the food.
Awesome video!!!

Ola Aja Nwachuku says:

I love the yellow shoes behind you were did you get them

Tru Finesse says:

Great info…. love your Accent ; -)

Kaye Dee says:

where did you get your juicer from?x

beckie hamster says:

do you still use the same teeth whitening routine? p.s. love your videos

Helina Välb says:

You are my role model. You motivate me a lot! Keep going girl! :-) :-)

Mena A says:

your smile is so purrrrty

Jenny Li says:

how can u lose the weight on your face?

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