GTA 5 Heist Online Gameplay – Drug Dealing Heist! (GTA 5 DLC Walkthrough)

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Grand Theft Auto V – Series A Funding Heist Set Up Missions & Finale Online Heist Gameplay! Be sure you subscribe for Medal tutorials, secret DLC, & MORE!

GTA 5 Heist Gameplay – ROCKSTAR TOOK MY MONEY?!?! (GTA 5 Heist DLC Update)
GTA 5 Heist DLC Online Gameplay – Humane Labs Raid + Hydra Jet! (GTA 5 Heists Update)


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Ethan Weller says:

Noah is <3 Noah Is Life

joseph marte says:

how much money do you have to put up if your the heist leader?

Landon Jones says:

I’m on ps4 and I want to do heists but my friends all ready have people plz
help leave names below my user is turkey-malurkey and If you add me just
tell me in the message your from YouTube 

Bautista Gonzalez says:

And the pacific standard heist???

UnknownGhost115 says:

Need 2 people for the 10 mil reward Thursday and Friday. Xbox 360: gt is
UnknownGhost115 must have mic

Dmitriy Nikitin says:

Anybody want to play heists on the Xbox one my gt is GruntDima


Noo i just got here

hanzand franz says:

What is happening 

Henry Merse says:

It says no views but 1 k likes ?????

Corey Chartrand says:

Ps3 heists psn cjblaze4lyfe lvl 231 

Ryan Zooloo says:

Anyone need a heist partner…XBOX 1 gt is MrMoustachio69

rigbythekhajiit says:

you did the finale on easy *facepalm*

Miles Love says:

Hey I need three people for Xbox one prison heist
Gamer tag : m g l0ves

The o one loves is a zero btw

Don Payne says:

How late am I 

John Butler says:

Your da best

Next-gen Gamer says:

Joined at last second 

DoP3Y JiNX says:

Noahj whats your crew name?

William Lopez says:

When you streaming

Devon Couturier says:

Why isn’t the stream working?

Someonesaymoderater says:

When are you gonna play on the xbox one?

mbrunton98 says:

Barnsley in the UK it’s 1:30 in the morning!

Bryan Castillo says:

Add me on ps3 any 1 my psn is Raidenpowers 

Ethan The Ace says:

My first live stream from you!

Modzis LIFE says:

Noah why no other stuff you said 10 min not 2 hours

blas fiorito says:

I cant watch it, it doesnt let me

deven lyons says:

how to we contact you to play gta online

ajajtorres says:

Wow already 8k comments

Delpha Gales says:

First comment lol

Mason Guerrero says:

Make it available on mobile

alex rodgers says:

do not give your nigh job

michael uran says:

First comment

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