Gospel of Nadia v8.6

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1. Accurate reasoning requires metaphysical #naturalism i.e. that the #supernatural does not exist, because any #epistemology that would admit the supernatural would deem an unlimited number of unparsimonious, undistinguishable, undisconfirmable, or unconfirmable ideas true by the losses of parsimony, distinguishability, discomfirmability, or confirmability. This applies to all reason, not just science.
2. It’s necessary to recognize that #existence precedes #essence and to repudiate #essentialism altogether esp. wrt. gender for accurate reasoning and ethical interaction with people and animals, hence #existentialism is true.
3. Eliminative #materialism i.e. we are our bodies, there are no souls, #qualia do not exist, we are chemically robotic wind-up toys, we are all philosophical #zombies and folk psychology is radically ontologically incorrect. Notions such as belief, desire, intent, will, the self, experience, consciousness, and the mind are as inappropriate conceptualizations of phenomena within the brain as impetus was of motion or phlogiston was of combustion.
4. Incompatibilist #determinism is necessary for attributability and moral responsibility as free will would negate both. Also, #fatalism and #necessitarianism are false.
5. Every #religion is false esp. #Christianity and #Hinduism and #Islam i.e. there is no #God hence #godlessness i.e. being #godless and #atheism and #secularism and #humanism et al. Religion causes harm in a number of major areas:
5A. science education (creationism)
5B. sex education (gender roles and sexual ethics)
5C. reproductive rights (gender roles, sexual ethics, and souls)
5D. gender equality (gender roles and sexual ethics)
5E. LGBT rights (gender roles and sexual ethics)
5F. right to death with dignity (souls and afterlives)
5G. fossil fuel depletion (creation and eschatology)
5H. climate change (creation and eschatology)
5I. antibiotic resistance (creation and eschatology)
5J. Middle East peace (eschatology)
5K. economic inequality (fatalism, afterlives, karmic justice, and ethics)
6. Neopragmatic #utilitarianism i.e. #morality is objective, suffering and harm are evil, well-being and joy are good, and #consequentialism is required.
7. #LGBT equality i.e. #gay #Lesbian #bisexual #pansexual #transsexual and #transgender equality for all #GSM / #GSD / #GSRM / #GSRD #gender and #sexuality and relationship minorities/diversities is necessary for a just society. This is far #morethanmarriage and in fact the real issues are employment, housing, healthcare, public accommodation, and justice, not really marriage. Antidiscrimination laws need to be made actually enforcible, too.
8. Social justice needs third-wave #feminism esp. #intersectionality and #TERF #transphobia and the #MRA #MRM “men’s rights movement” must be repudiated.
9. One must have #communism and #socialism and #anarchism and #antifascism esp. #anarchocommunism to have a just society. Most notably #altermundialization / #altermondialisation / #alterglobalization is required and socialism can’t be in just one country. A global government is a crucial step toward the ideal.
10. One must have #vegetarianism preferably #veganism for the ethical treatment of animals. Keeping pets isn’t a good idea either.
11. #Abortion and assisted suicide i.e. #euthanasia are inalienable rights by primacy of quality of life.
12. Mainstream science is the best guide to human origins via #anthropology and #evolution and the origin of life via #abiogenesis and the origin of the #earth via the solar disk nebular hypothesis and the origin of the universe via the big bang #cosmology hence all #creation myths are false.
13. Nature is something largely to be opposed with all its disease and disaster and the order of animal existence full of rape and torture and so much of life fleeing predators in terror all their lives until finally caught and torn apart while dying screaming in agony. The natural order is no guide to what should be; rather, it all too often shows precisely what should not be.
14. Climate change is anthropogenic, fossil fuels are finite and being depleted, and numerous pathogens are evolving antibiotic resistance. There is a moral obligation to mitigate these issues and their impacts, particularly because there is no divine apocalypse or salvation en route.
15. Victimless crimes should be abolished. #Drugs e.g. crack cocaine should all be fully legalized, as should sex work i.e. #prostitution and #SWERF opposition to sex work should be repudiated.
16. #BSDM should adhere to #RACK and be legal and destigmatized.
17. #Justice should be restorative and rehabilitative, not retributive.



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Nadia Yvette Chambers says:

“Freedom of Speech: For whom, to say what?” by Jason Unruhe:

Sara b says:

Testosterone and aggression etc……bottom line,,,duh

Michael Anne McAllister says:

Nadia allows Mark E to cyberbully several people for hours unchecked Von.
I too have initiated a bullying complaint against hIm…I suggest you do
the same . He shoots him self in the foot verbally and qualifies as
bullying to google. Every time he mentions me or my name or my business,
he is reported. Period (3 total so far)

Rory reviewer says:

Oh god the bigots came out from under their rock.

Sara b says:

Nadia doll!!! Rum, smokes, popcorn,cheerios, yoplait , AND Friday the
13th!! Cheers!<3

Sara b says:

Nadia doll! Set these men straight!! Keep them in line!!<3

Larry Carr says:

There is no draft in the USA since Vietnam…1974….

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