Foods that help you lose stomach fat – Dr. Ann

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Sarah Antos says:

How to avoid belly fat. Foods that help you lose stomach fat – Dr. Ann

Chinh Homa says:

Make sure you regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic goals
getting helps from family and friends to lose weight safely and securely.

Satnhi Mato says:

You ca­n lo­se 1­0 lb­s na­turally in t­wo weeks, wit­hout bat­tl­ing with
cra­vings for foo­d

Ria Brittan says:

I exercise 4 times a week for 4 hours each day. Still aint going anywere 

Susan Dacre says:

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ChrisTheLegion says:

I’m running everyday, and i still have fat on my stomach, do you have some
advice for me, what should i do?

1969jmac says:

white rice is a belly fat magnet….I better tell my asian in laws about
that one because they’ve been eating rice for every meal for the last 6 or
7 decades and not a one of them are fat………….i need to go tell them
about this one

james smith says:

i love the advice ,great bit at 2 .48

Andreas Rasmussen says:

No foods make you lose or gain fat, a caloric surplus/deficit does. This
video is pointless. Lol @ someone dressing up as a doctor to seem smart.

The1RobynHode says:

Do not eat fruits all of the time, especially on an empty stomach, and
especially those that are mid or higher glycemic index. Eating a
watermellon or drinking juice is analogous to eating pure table sugar. Do
some research. Blueberries and bananas are moderate glycemic index. Apples
and cherries are better choices since they release sugar slower. 

Idx gamer says:

Thanks :) really helped

jdoubledogp says:

So Right! Thank You.

Kent Nauman says:

I have a 12″x15″ plastic abdominal wall and an above the knee traumatic
amputation. I use the “Eat to Live” diet. How do I measure body fat?

Ujjwal Carkey says:

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andrea. Ross says:

This seems a little outdated because the poor white potato has taken such a
beating, they really can be quite good for you !

Audrey Martin says:


nidhan shrestha says:

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Jasmine Shre says:

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zacharywolford says:

hey i am trying to become a bodybuilder and was coming through to get tips
and strong advice on how to go bout training and eatting i want to know
alot of the background on becoming a bodybuilder and there are a few people
with channel that help out and pog is one but if theres anyone else who
cares to give me tips and advice please do so thanks for your time to read

Elder Malcolm K. Wright says:

weight loss STRATEGY NOW!!!!!!!!!

norma steel says:

I also need to lose weight, please help me too

Evan Buddhacharya says:

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Anna Perera says:

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AshEBones says:

I’m going to disagree with your comment that belly fat is the first fat you
lose. When I started losing weight I lost it everywhere but my belly. Lost
lots of inches in thighs and arms but the same in the belly… So it really
depends on each person

Tom Burke says:

All you had to say, stay away from Fast food, eat Greens and 30 mins work

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Chris Davies says:

on and on and on and on and on and frak all to say

judy .francisco says:

nah i eat rice everyday

glady soulde says:

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Darcy F. Dubois says:

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Cyphersnks823 says:

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TheAbStand says:

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Shourav Khan says:

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bhanu ghemire says:

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wendy hide says:

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Claudia R says:

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Vishaw K says:

I do exersize all day long but I’m really slow at losing fat plus I don’t
eat as many

Rosie Andrews says:

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Fiedlernqq391 says:

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Roberta Fakih says:

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exwhyz33 says:

Just loved your Panic zones ‘alarm sounds’ – best ever!!

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