Fats, Diet & Weight Loss Part 1, Good vs. Bad Fats, The Truth About Fat & Nutrition

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Fats, Diet & weight loss Part 1, Good vs. Bad Fats, The Truth About Fat & Nutrition

Ruth from Treasured Earth Foods answers many common questions about fat. What are Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats? Do fats in the diet really make you fat? What happens if you eat a high fat diet vs. a low fat diet? How much fat should have you in your diet? What types of fats should you avoid? What is a trans fat? What are saturated fats and processed fats? What are the best oils to cook with? Which oils are bad to cook with? What’s the best way to store fat? Why do processed foods have modified fats in them? Why are processed foods bad for you? Find out his and other nutrition information in this free video.

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Christopher Tradeshow says:

Could you do a brief video on the smoothie drink *naked*

workwillfreeyou says:

Thank you Ruth, You did a very good explaining the fats. More on the
avocado please. And what should we look for when were at the market buying

Andriy Pukosev says:

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Jordonification says:

“fat is good so eat a lot of it and be fat like me!”

Mani Kandan says:

Hi, have you seen Amos Fat Loss? (search for it on google) You will find
out how to lose weight in the fastest way possibile and keep it off.

saim ahmad says:

Hi there, have you heard about Lean Body Stagger? (Google it) You will find
out about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With “Lean Body Stagger”,
you will discover how to lose weight fast.

holly patterson says:

This is really good info about fats

Yashika de silva says:

Helpful video! btw my sister used this quite popular weight reduction plan
named: Fat 360 Nuke and already lost 14 pounds in a month. I cannot
remember the exact web site just Google it.

Maryia Sakhno says:

Thank you for such an informative video. There’s so much confusion on the
topic, therefore it’s especially useful to hear the truth about fats. It
would be very interesting to learn more, so I am really looking forward to
the next videos!

constillustrus says:

butter is NOT good.Butter is not a natural source of fat for human

HouseFriendFamily says:

It would be a shame for you not to lose weight in the fastest way possibile
and keep it off when regular people are able to so easily by using Avon Fat
Furnace (go check it out on Google).

Giaofnature .giaofnature says:

All of the traditional peoples of the world who keep their diet live on
low-fat, low-meat, high complex carb diets. e.g. Asia, India, Africa, S.
America, ect. Obesity in those cultures is rare to non-existent. All large
civilizations were built upon starch diets (so don’t mention Eskimos, they
weren’t a large group).

gregg4 says:

I cannot agree with this video. While it is true that we need fat I don’t
think she said anything about quantity. A healthy diet consists of 80% or
more of calories coming from carbohydrates, 10% or less from protein and
10% or less from fat. Nobody is saying that you should eat a no-fat diet
but you should definitely eat a low-fat diet. Gregg

holly patterson says:

This is great information about the carbs thank you.

SaturatedFatsLover says:

The GOOD fats and oils are those our wonderfull body does and can produce
from sugars/carbs/proteins we eat,and those are Saturated and
MonoUnsaturated fats/oils!! For no Reason we make any polyunsaturated olis
and thats because those are NOT essential for our Health but are essential
only for those selling nut/seed oils and fish oils supplements!!

br1an419 says:

I think you should provide an alternative to the “low fat, high carb” diet.
Other than that, great video.

dhodi123 says:

liked the way you explained things!

bizminded32 says:

I like butter…maybe a lil too much though.

gregg4 says:

@thevansleaving That’s not true. I work in a factory, hard work, standing
all day long. I can eat just six bananas and have enough energy for 4
hours. Carbs is what the body wants to use as energy. The body can only use
100g of carbs? I wonder where you get that info from. In any case,
according to nutritiondata(dot)com an average banana of 100g has about 90
calories (over 90% carbs). Six bananas would be 540 calories. That’s a
quarter my recommended intake of calories from bananas alone. Gregg

chiyerano says:

@chiyerano I can’t wait to see the next video in this series.

Aidzero7 says:

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“Shatter weight loss“. They will help you get the body you deserve.

Andriy Chobot says:

Nah! .I did -30 lbs in two months.Visit hawght.so#QvdpogW

randy93863 says:

@Lovelyy0u I cant believe you actually did it! Wow.. Yeah.. I agree with
you that no other diet site can beat WeightLossAction.Info.. See? I told
you it will give good results.. Look at you now.. A very healthy and has a
great slimmer body.

chiyerano says:

I love nuts especially cashews, unrefined coconut oil, unrefined palm fruit
oil. Olive oil is ok too as long as I don’t heat it.

costin saceanu says:

talk about the dangers of soy….please

XGytis says:

Usefull video.

Corey Hunter says:

Coconut oil and other highly saturated fats protect against occasional
ingestion of industrial trans-fats.

domdabombabc says:

Everyone in the U.S. needs to see this.

prabhathBSB hettiarachchi says:

Hello! Have you considered cleverous 402 diet (google it)? Ive heard some
extraordinary things about it and my buddy lost a lot of weight with it.

Trisha Lau says:

the background sound is really distracting

SaturatedFatsLover says:

Best Fats to Eat/Use: Coconut And MCT oils, Beef/Lamb fats, Cream Butter
and Cacao Butter. Lard,Palm/Olive Oils, Checken fat are ok in Small
ammounts because they still contain a good ammount of polyunsaturated oils.
for more infos against pufas please read the excellent science by Broda
Barnes,Ray Peat and Barry Groves!!

LCbabyxO says:

you’re awesome :D i will definetly check out your website!

Basanta Dahal says:

Hey there, have you heard of BellyFATtack yet? Simply look on Google. On
there you can find a practical free video presentation by a recognised
qualified nutritionist revealing how to reduce weight. This made it
possible for Khalid to reduce his tummy fat. It may work for you as well…

KrystaBelle32 says:

I like it that I need fats!!! No more guilt.

sarahfight says:

@fabiochrist yep, what’s wrong with tasting great? All these today
steretype ‘healthy diet’ just lame!!!! Think about it, the healthy diet is
trying to alter our traditional diet, that’s crazy. I mean, after thousands
of thousands years of evolving, human beings got to where we are today. Our
digestive system is designed for the traditional way of diet. Yeah, we have
to avoid highly processed food, and artifical flavours, which are way to
new for our human bodies.

chiyerano says:

@workwillfreeyou I’d like to hear about that too.

mikeinbc says:

What do you think about brown rice pasta & sprouted grain bread?

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