Diet Tips : Lose Weight by Drinking Green Tea

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Green tea contains certain nutrients that help to expedite the metabolism, as well as to help reduce hormonal cancers. lose weight quickly and easily with these weight loss tips from an experienced dietitian in this free video on health and eating.

Expert: Rachael Richardson
Bio: Rachael Richardson is a registered dietitian and a Florida licensed nutritionist. Richardson has earned degrees from the University of North Florida and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


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Denver Girl says:

“Produce hormonal cancers?” What?

jose luis Fernandez says:

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to remove everything bad from their bodies and give them an actual makeover
starting from day one!

Edwin Hernandez says:

Ur a sexy milf

SideDark123 says:

can we add sugar to it??

humpyhustler says:

@rockiebule1112 you mean meth?

ch33z3yb0y says:

I know same, I drink it whilst doing assignment work and last year I got a
Distinction* on my course =D

mahmanmah says:

beware. green tea ice cream has double the amount of sugar. (because green
tea is naturally bitter, so ALOT of sugar needs to be added in to get that
yummy taste!)

oliviaolas says:

this is such a better idea than those chinese dieters teas. this seems
natural and like it ill give you good energy and improve your metabolism
which i need as I am getting older and more sendentary. I dont love the
taste butm aybe a little honey can help…

Siye Lad says:

@DiversePersona Proof??? Chinese have been using it for thousands of years.
NO DEATHS. I feel better than ever. look younger feel better, please explain

spiron2007 says:

That i don’t recognize what?

SakuraDub says:

OH HEY DURR BLAH BLAH *enter fake name here* (google it)? lol JK, I’m no
spam bot… Green Tea is great, I’ve been drinking it for roughly 2 months
and it makes me feel great, almost ”clean” on the inside haha :) I’ve not
been able to exercise as much as I want to due to having a bad back, but
I’m sure if I did I’d lose weight pretty quickly :) Highly recommended!

Seelawathie Ranaweera says:

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shazam butt says:

tip to reduce weight: first turn your head to the left then turn to the
right. repeat this excercise everytime you are offered somthing to eat. -W.F

Sharmila Pandey says:

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og8997889 says:

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overweight. The program speaks for itself I don’t have to.

Rachel1lollie says:

Awiteeee! Calm it! This argument is goin nowhere! Get Over it.

Alex Reilly says:


Dawn Teo says:

She looks soft and flabby at the arms, why is she doing this video? I would
prefer someone who is toned and less soft to do this video instead.

Carl Babel says:

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thegreek14 says:

@Vernonu9 awww dude, way to ruin it!

jnii4 says:

i dont need to smile i look beautiful from all angles ;) interestingly..
where is your pic? should i assume from your reply you are a are a spotty
obese balding Canadian with horrendous teeth?? im sure the pic you have up
ent you.. but he looks hobo-ish.. anyway hehe

donaruma ionika says:

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ky kiske says:

how do i do that tee without a bag ?o.O

Fiona Andrews says:

i drink gren tea i jsut have pure green tea it doesnt taste much but i like
it ^^ liek i do try n drink that and not snack liek it does help cravings
alittle but it does kinda depend how much fo a craving youve got LOL liek i
hav one sweetner with each greeen tea jsut to add alittle flavour and ijsut
try nand not snack XD like i want to get skinnier and loss weight and at
the moment i think im at like 107lb ^^

Goran Tanev says:

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coldmemories1 says:

My sister drinks a lot of green tea . She makes a full pot of it almost
every day . and i’m amazed that she really lost some weight , even though
she doesn’t deprive herself of eating whatever my mom cooks. But she , on
the other hand , is regular at doing some activities at home like cleaning
, washing dishes , washing clothes . So maybe this was also helpful for her
. I don’t like the green tea but since i’m on a diet so i gotta force
myself to swallow it

sasori leone says:

but lol greentea is realy a wieghtloss boost-.- lost 4inches without any
change in diet or any exersize wse…. in 1 week that is…

Tai Chi Green Tea says:

try tai chi green tea!

jnii4 says:

oh and you might be correct about people lying about my ancestry, i look
everything but black! My mom often jokes about how she found me in a taxi..
along with other curry ingredients.. so maybe I’m Indian? or i was going to
be IN a curry who knows..?

sam lsk says:

i love green tea. feels so good to drink. makes me feel so at peace.

rohinimehta0596 says:

@Evoluta yh buh ih aint suitable 4 every1 u c!!

jnii4 says:

ar, that would be because ironically I’m the “black sheep” of my family! I
hate meat- me choosing to not eat chicken is just the weirdest thing to my
family, the term “pop a cap in your ass” just makes me giggle and my taste
in music doesn’t just revolve around pimps,guns and hoes- However i am very
much black..

mykasiurka says:

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GarfieldInDaHouse1 says:

@JustineLoverBoy You feel like you’re drowning or something.. Try this diet
site WeightLossAction.Info that ive been using the past few weeks.. You
wont feel exhausted nor drown because there diet program is the best in the
site.. I lost quite a bit much of my wieght now.. its does pretty good.. :)

Peter Calka says:

Do you feel like you are out of control? Do you weight 50 or 100% more than
you should?? I did weight 65 kg or 145 pounds over my recommended weight.
Yes it was about 82% over my recommended weight and at age 50 it was very
dangerous to my longevity. Now I am 225 LB about 104 kg and soon will get
down to 85 kg or 180 lb. And it was so easy. wmumart

ThisIsGoingNowhere says:

@shazam404 Sheer stroke of genius. Kudos to you, friend. xD

Silvio Dante says:

I’ve started drinking Green Tea 3 months ago. I’ve deleted all soda’s and
coffee from my diet. And I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way I feel.
It’s amazing how good your body feels when you rid yourself of those
toxins. I will however treat myself to a beer or a vodka on the weekends
but, it’s so much in moderation that that’s all it is, a “treat.” Green Tea
is a healthy and delicious alternative to those poison drinks.

uruberrr says:

I ran a mile in 6:50 about a week ago, then I started drinking green tea on
almost a daily basis today I ran it in 6:15 Correlation? Or coincidence?
I’m a soon-to-be Real Estate Guy too I just run for fun true story =)

mykymyky0001 says:

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a practical free video. It helped Marcia to burn her belly fat. It might
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Jim Carrey says:

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coldmemories1 says:

I needed time to get used to it . First i had to add sugar in it just to be
able to swallow it . Now , for more than a month i drink green tea with no
sugar at all , and i really love it .. especially with lemon . Funny how
our bodies can get used to anything overtime ;)

jnii4 says:

How unfair. And yes like all the other women you’ve “asked” I only like
candy if it comes in the back of a van.

Nicole D says:

good tip mahmanmah. Teavana teas are delicious! I love Peppermint Green tea
^_^ I’m actually drinking it right now… …what? I’m not addicted…. But
Matcha of course takes the cake when it comes to nutrition!!!

soultrader7380 says:

rubbish, eat lean meats, vegetables and fruits regularly there is no harm
in eating good foods, oh and EXERCISE, starving is what weak willed people
do because they don’t have the self control for health.

Rick wubba lubba dub dub says:

i drink 4 cups of green tea everyday with lemonade and any juice lik mixed
berry and stuff other den dat i dont drink any thing else or eat at all i
do boxing workouts and i hav lost 2 and a half kg in 3 days and i dont feel
weak or tired i sleep well etc etc who ever wants to loose weight try it :)

ohshit109 says:

My God do the weightloss companies PAY you idiots to go on youtube and spam
every fucking video talking about weightloss. No one wants the JUNK you are
selling. This is not directed at the video or woman in it but to all the
commenters who are SPAMMING the shit out of every video by trying to sell

Jennifer Olsson says:

Iced tea is the best, i had like 3 today, or yesterday in swedish time xP
The last one was green tea citrus :) I got like 5 kind of diffrent green
tea and like 10 black tea :D im 15 and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE tea :)

Mitosynergy says:

Have you tried Green Tea Hawaii?

valnaples says:

@racismhater see if you can find yamamotoyama green tea bags…or if you
have an Asian food store nearby, they almost always have good loose
Japanese green teas…(I don’t know the brand because the bag only has
Japanese character on it!) Good luck!

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