Day 30 – Raw Food Diet – Extreme Weightloss

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What to expect from friends when you drastically change your life for the better.


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divinitymichael says:

You made me cry. Amazing girl. Inspiring. I’m subscribing right now!

Amanda G says:

The true friends will always stick and adapt. But remember misery loves
company and people can only change theirselves we can only show them the

Amanda G says:

If I were there with you nothing could move me it’s so beautiful there. I
have piece inside of my mind and body from nature. No doctor spa or city
could bring that easy feeling. It sounds weird to some but peace is all
around us finding it is the hard part for many. 

Em Martin says:

I totally get the ‘friend’ hangover, I only want positive people in my
life and if that means losing friendship then so be it. I want to live my
life for me, not others.
Love your motivation x

Tanya Kellogg says:

This is so very true as I have undergone so many HUGE life changes leading
up to the decision to improve my health and have renewed and developed some
INCREDIBLE relationships while having many other relationships simply drift

Rawmindset Nowak says:

You are beautiful as you are my friend :) Good to hear somebody from the
UK! :):)
Greetings from the Midlands,

Jess Estey says:

I’ve been really looking into the raw food / non-processed life style
lately. weight loss is the ultimate goal, but I also really just want to
feel better. I am 27 years old, have terrible skin and don’t feel like a
young a person at all. Your videos have been the deciding factor :) I’ve
subbed and look forward to watching all your past and future videos as

Lynn Beers says:

I think you are lovely and “real” I’m changing my diet gradually, you will
succeed, can’t wait to see your pics from Everest. So glad I found you.You
crack me up!

FruitfulLife says:

Last time when I was trying to maintain my weight ( I was already skinny)
by eating smaller portions, I have a friend who couldn’t stand the way I
eat. And constantly asked me EVERY single day if I have eaten, and if I
have lied that I have eaten. Initially I just felt she’s concern about me,
but day by day I feel exhausted with her, asking me the same old questions
and making me feel bad if I skipped a meal (I have stomach issues in the
past). Ironically, she also has the tendency to skip meals, restrict her
calories and what not, but still have the audacity to act superior in front
of me. I’m not saying that she’s not concerned about me, I just felt a
little tinge of jealousy from her? Because of that we became just
acquaintance. This story have a happy ending though. I changed my diet for
the better because of her. I don’t want to restrict my calories anymore and
eat as much as I want to prevent such instances from happening to me again.

mirkaaaa3 says:


Chandan Yadav says:

Have you experienced Reborn Lean Max? (Google it) It is a quick and easy
way to lose weight fast.

Chandan Yadav says:

Have you experienced Reborn Lean Max? (Google it) It is a quick and easy
way to lose weight fast.

FrootKat says:

You are so lovely :) You’re inspiring me a lot over here, even though my
goal is different to yours (to stabilise at 5 to 8 pounds less that I’m at
now). Still, you’re vids are giving me lotsa strength and love for life! :)
Keep it up! :)

VonnyMilonny says:

People are strange, I had some horrendous things said to me before I
started to lose weight then when I started and people noticed my weight
loss I kept getting advised not to lose too much as I would change
personality wise! I guess I have a little as I feel a bit more worthy as a
person now.

Hazel says:

You have such a beautiful voice.

Rawjoyjourney says:

I look at it this way, we all have seasons in our lives. Some people were
meant to be in our lives for all those seasons. Some are meant to only be
in for one or two. There is usually a reason someone comes in your life. So
I don’t have sadness when they are gone. Have had some people very angry at
me for changing or leaving. Their problem.

1powerfulforce says:

I had a friend tell me that before…she also told me when I got thin I
wouldn’t want to be around her anymore! Lol Now how silly is that?!? Still
blows my mind all these years later. I am still friends with her,
however,as I embark on a new weight loss/health journey I can see it
fizzling away. I think my happiness beings her misery and that wouldn’t be
healthy for either of us. She doesn’t know what I am goi g t

Rawjoyjourney says:

I believe anything can be toxic to your body. Food, environments,
negativity, people. I’ve seen it too much in my life. A couple years ago I
went through a major change and had to let go of the two girls that were my
besties for 20+ yrs. They liked me sick & overweight & meek. Problem for
them was, I didn’t so started making changes.

dorean79 says:

first time seeing your videos. You are super beautiful:D

jazzabell Hart says:

your amazing, truly truthful and look watching your video. thank you, im
going through the same thing at the moment, with bf parents as they are
very into pizza, etc. ive had a really bad, painful, never ending frozen
shoulder for 6 years on painkillers all the time, and waking up all times
of the night taking more. my neck ,back and arm would kill me and it would
just never end. doc said i would need to have injections in my bones and if
that doesnt work then ill have to have the bone cut away

Reach4Raw says:

Absolutely – a couple of friends have already gone by the wayside because
they have seen such a change in me and cannot relate. It’s actually nicer
not to have them around me though and I feel free not having their
negativity in my life :o) Thanks for your words. x

michelle pirret says:

What a lovely video – encouraging and uplifting! Things you have said ring
so true to me too. Have a lovely day :)

Reach4Raw says:

And hugs back to you :o) You are so right – the raw food way of life makes
everything simpler and clearer and these spirit drainers clog everything
up. It’s so fabulous to know that we all go through the same journey xxx

Magda Ka says:

Hi Cookie:) you’ve made such a great progress from the start of your weight
loss program!:) You look glowing and happy. I’ve only started watching your
vids (from the oldest ‘direction’) and I’m looking forward to seeing the
following ones!:) btw, it’s Magda from the fb Juice Club :)

Reach4Raw says:

Wow – I am so, so pleased that you’ve got these amazing results – you must
feel like a different person! :o) I’m not sure if you know but I’ve opened
a Facebook club. It’s the most amazing place – filled with gorgeous,
supportive people. Some raw, some vegan, some vegetarian, some meat eaters,
some just interested in learning more and some gastric band people. All
striving for better health. Please come and join us! It’s (adjust the link)
facebookdotcom/groups/cookie.90 See you there! xxx

1bryan1chapman says:

“It’s very easy to overlook how other people are still feeling.” This has
to be some of the BEST advice given by someone in this lifestyle. SOOOOO,
many other channels should staple this to their foreheads. Thank you.

Oona Bee says:

So glad I found your channel today!! You are an angel!

1powerfulforce says:

Going to do (sorry hit the wrong button…lol). We will see how she reacts
when she sees me again.

linaeable says:

What a wonderful message and Thank You!

Tom BoyApproved says:

I feel like I’m a free spirit and some people, who I call, spirit drainers,
have had to be released too. It was so hard, but I realized as I released
them, with love, I had so much more peace in my heart. My heart would pound
when my friend would call me, because I knew it was never positive and I
would be drained. So, good for you. The raw food diet really clears your
mind and makes you want to love life. Hugs from a stranger. Good for you.

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