Day 15 – LOST 22 POUNDS (10kg) in 10 DAYS!!! Alkaline diet weight loss results

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On day 15 of the alkaline diet.

Lost an unbelievable amount of weight, I’m really happy with the results and how I’m starting to feel.

Jonathan Kearsey


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paulineand ella says:

Hey, im 12 yo and i want lose weight my height is 145 cm and my weight is
49.4 kg and i want to lose 10 kg do u think this will work please answer
cause i reaally need help :( 

Afrah Allirahim says:

hi is it true even me u can reduce with this diet pls teach me my hubi
always makes fun of me coz im fat witha belly pls teach me all u did to

from morning till night what u ate pls pls please i want to show him i can
loose pls pls help me

zeitgeist says:

thank you, you have inspired me

Suman Bhattarai says:

My sister has been able to go about a really healthy combination of diet
and exercise with the help of ExprezSliminizer.

Samar Murtada says:

Wat is the kind of food or drinks that u have at this 10 days and did u
workout or not ??

cpriya sene says:

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hitturkey24 says:

1-in that age it is easy 2- you cannot even remember the words i.e your
brain has completly stopped

Yazmin Varas says:

What juices did u drink? 

Dannyboy3425 says:

What cleanse did you do?

Vasumati Lapre says:

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fat, it is Leptin. To burning fat efficiently, you must know how you can
speed up your metabolism.

Alek Mk says:

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Dexter Cracks says:

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Rakesh Maharjan says:

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Ambika V says:

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Asanka Chamara says:

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troecurov3 says:

…10 kg its cool…what is about 2014,4 years later?

Jana Krishna Shrestha says:

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KK says:

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thriveni saidam says:

real cool video and guy :)

i did loose 6lbs in 3 days using “body ph meter” app by lokesh in my

prem khatri says:

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John Smith says:

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Md Abjal Hossain says:

Google Wretch Weight Workings… It’s awesome. Nice video but wait until
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Laxmi8427 says:

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Claassenlif419 says:

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diiiva2001 says:

Hey I am going to try this diet directly on the first day of 2013 :D.. you
gave me inspiration and a good plan of how to do it.. but can you mention
one of the main difficulties that a person typically face during the diet?
and how to face/ avoid them? ^__^ it would be really helpful!

JonathanKearsey says:

@DickBarryTV – I went over this in the first couple of videos in good
detail if you want to check them out.

DickBarryTV says:

Hey, what do you drink instead of food? Keep up the good work!!

Andrew Chezhian says:

alkalinity :)

bluejeans_Canada says:

Keeping it off is real success

ihateketchup says:

thats so amazing! your buzzing!!!!

tikiVISION says:

Starting to feel???


love it im on day 2, is hoping I can get to day 15

RunescapenessEpic says:

how do you survive without food?

KlownDuffer says:

Hi Jonathon Whats happening-where have you gone!!

Flightbaby20 says:


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

So you lost a lot of fat… and muscle mass by pretty much starving
yourself. What a fucking moron.

bluejeans_Canada says:

I lost 10 kg in 5 months

Nasooma98 says:

I need this diet im 14 only and im 100 kg :( help !

Myflesh101 says:

@xAliviaAestheticax I’ve seen a lover with serious illness become almost
symptom free within weeks on a similar diet/cleanse. How is reversing a
serious illness in a few weeks “horribly unhealthy”? What has been Your
direct experience in making the sweeping general statement of saying this
mans progress is “horribly unhealthy”? You must have something pretty
profound in mind to say something with that much confidence despite other
peoples positive life-changing results yes?

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