DAY 1 Dr.Oz 2 week rapid weight loss diet

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here was my full day of what i had to eat and my detox bath…


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The best explain about this diet on YouTube thanks and GOD BLESS! 

Vaishnavi Shekar says:

Hey i started this diet today can you please tell the vegetarian alternate
for the protien /chicken

Nicholas Halverson says:

amazing recipe it helps for wight loose 

CareersAtMCA says:

My sister says to have the flax seeds grinded up at the store. I think she
went to Whole Foods. I luv luv luv your accent. 

Sonia Avalos says:

I’m starting this tomorrow. Wish me luck…

Mark Wood says:

Oh hello! Have you ever tried – konmai 3 week Diet (just google it)? Ive
heard some amazing things about it and my sister got amazing result with

Laxman Gurung says:

My family laughed when I told them I was going to shed fat with Skinnimaker
System, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for
Skinnimaker System to see their reaction. (You should see their priceless

Abila Darin Liq says:

Your body contains the hormone that controls 100% ability to lose fat, it
is Leptin. To burning fat safely and effectively, you must learn the way to
speed up your metabolism.

Tyla Tagtmeier says:

I also subscribe to your to your a face book

kakis911 says:

Where can I find the diet details ?

Sabrina Millington says:

I greatly appreciated your video.

Linda Berardi says:

I’m just starting this diet plan today. I loved watching your video. You
can be our role model during our two weeks. Thanks for sharing. Keep
posting. Let us know if it easy to keep the weight off too.

Shaneka Davis says:

Where did you buy your rice protein powder

Carol M says:

Awesome! Thank you for sharing your first day. My mom and I are starting
tomorrow. We made our vegetable soup and have our meals planned for the
first half of the week. I love how you showed us every step of preparing
your meals. I can’t wait to start.

Julie Sanchez says:


Tyla Tagtmeier says:

Does it matter what brand of rice protetin

L Mosley says:

Day 10- 10 lbs lost!! And that’s with a little cheating a day or two…

Felecia Freeman says:

I am going to start on Friday! Don’t stop

Nahla Rafih says:

Are you going to put videos up every day?

Shaneka Davis says:

Where did you buy your rice protein powder

Tyla Tagtmeier says:

Does it matter what type of rice portein?

L Mosley says:

I started on January 15….day 2 for me..

Tyla Tagtmeier says:

I’m so excited to start this Ive just found this the other day and. I just
searched his diet and you poped up. I love it your so detail. But my
question is can you eat the plan greek yogurt as a snack as well

samjhana bhusal says:

To ordinary people who want to get skinnier–but can’t get started. Just
Go And Google Fat Blast Furnace right away.

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