Dance Workout For Beginners at Home Cardio Weight Loss Aerobic Exercises

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Dance Workout For Beginners at Home Cardio weight loss Aerobic Exercises

This is dance workouts videos to do at home to lose belly fat and weight loss featuring Jen Hilman. This workout targets the lower body including the core and abs for flat tummy and stomach.

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mickmick 1972 says:

I’m a carnivore, i decimate entire colonies of chickens and tuna every
month. Any vegetarians want to explain why you do not eat meat??

Mikhail Mikhail says:

She’s hot but no eating meat and doing yoga n she’s still got that little
belly? I guess I’ll stick to eating meat AND vegetables, cardio AND
weights. So much more efficient…

David Sweeney says:

I don’t know about anyone else but I might have a thang for Darlene (sorry
to admit it Charlie I know you are a Jenn buff lol), any psychology or
interview vids in the pipeline Corey?

BranningJ8K says:

Jen hilmans husbabd must be exhausted. .

Fran Vernall-Downes says:

Does this actually help you to lose weight?

Sunriser Lark says:

Very nice Ladies! Felt great :) I favored and shared.

SupaKamehameha808 says:


Dragon King God Gootu says:

jen are you a gemini?

bwractive says:

(01.21) Meat is great mmm so tasty, no worries Darlene you are not alone :D

IrradiateTheNWO says:

yeah but do you like meat pops?

Ayşegül Yazar says:


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