CRASHING A Rowing Boat!

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► CRASHING A Rowing Boat!
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Noa says:

Hope you have a great signing tomorrow :)

TheElijahTalk says:

Alfie has some chips

Alfie Lays
im sorry that was so bad, plz sub im being held at gun point. COMMENT YOUR

MyNamesChai says:

Sick time lapse bro. 

Naasir Void says:

got so happy when I saw this! your vlogs are awesome :)

RussoTalks says:

Alfie makes a mixtape

(PUNS YAY LOL comment more below :D)

Hamilton Troy Hayes says:

Pointless Blog Tv?!?

More like, Alfie stick your tongue down my throat.

Amy yasmin says:

I was supposed to be going to sleep but I’d much rather watch this

BlueMorpho Xo says:

I went to Wales last month! They have a LOT of sheep. And they are touchy
about that. LOL. 

randoman blogs says:

Lucky that I double checked your channel otherwise I would be in bed!

Millie Jackson says:

Just made it at 300!

NATALIE lovesyouXXOX says:

Hey Alfie

Emma Reeree says:

Hey Alfie ! How is the weather in Glasgow? 

Adi May says:

77th view that’s the fastest I’ve been ❤️❤️❤️

Sophie Layhe says:

Welcome to the under 301 club, Have a cookie

Kawaii Copter says:

Wow this blog only came out like 4min ago and there is like already around

Libbyloo 68 says:

Early! Ily Alfie

TheyCallMeKatieeEdwardss says:

153rd like

Kaley Hall says:


3 Gorgeous says:

Absolutely love you please come to Australia

Georgia Balaam says:

Never been this early before

Katie Bevan says:

Could you not just pop on a plane/boat to Orkney? An island north of
Scotland. Its killing me knowing your so near yet so far haha 

Madison Pagano says:

I love you so much! I laughed so hard when poppie sat in the bird poop.

Layla Billie says:


Ema Roberts says:

Had a little buzz when he said WALES

Timur Ozmen says:

In reply to the title
*Slow clap*
Well done Alfie

Tim Saxby says:

I like the start to this video more than other, not just Alfie hanging
about with no top on 

AmyAmy Amy says:

How can you walk around the train station and people not go crazy? It
baffles me! Hope you had a good time in London Alfie :) xx

Ellise Fleet says:

42nd like, no dislikes so far :) xxxxx

Hannah Morrison says:

Can’t believe I actually met you today! It just doesn’t seem real! I love
you so much! Follow me on Twitter @ OhMyGingerEd

caitbabe says:

I love all your videos and vlogs I’d be so so so happy if u followed me on

Molly Mcgaharon says:

Alfie I met u today in glasgow you are one of the nicest people I have ever
met today couldn’t have gone any better ! I’m so happy u do what u do love

Pastel Rachael says:

I was really hoping this was your Glasgow vlog

ffion-brooke thomas says:

Please come to South Wales alfie!!

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