Core Workout – Shed Experiment 001

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Welcome back to The Village Push. Having a small child in the house really puts restraints on when you can workout because of nap times. So I set up my small 8 x 10 shed up as my new gym. I tested a few camera angles with a GoPro Hero 3 and a Sony Handycam Cx230.

You can follow along in this core workout video with me. It is about 10 minutes long that covers 12 exercises with a short break in between. The only exercise equipment I used was a rubber mat to lay on while doing leg lifts and flutter kicks and a bar that I attached to the joists that I use for pull ups. I used a 1 and 3/4 in bar that I already had and I attached it so that it rotates while I am hanging. This helps build my grip and the thicker bar also makes my forearms get a good workout.

I will be trying different angles, lighting and maybe even cameras in the future. I would love to hear your input or advice. Enjoy



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