calling out Sarah, Botten and Kat………starts at 1-1:,30pmest

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G Man says:

ill be starting soon

Wayne Hudson says:

G Man, let me know when there’s a shred of evidence for your god.

Fiona Robertson says:

I remember someone going into a Christian’s room and trying to break the
Terms of Service so the video would have to be taken down. They started
flashing Nesqik on the screen. Oh, that would be +G Man in +Andy Jack The
Tripper’s hangout.

Truth monger says:

Vekl SAID he would own a slave, if he could. FACT.

Gluteus Invictus says:

They be rapin’ everybody up in here.

Mark Eunoia says:

Is this the next ‘# gate’ drama?

andthereisntone says:

Is this hangout sequentially specified?

Atheism-is-Unstoppable-2 says:

How is it possible to mispronounce the name Sarah? 

Andy Jack The Tripper says:

@2:14:27 on wards, +G Man says “only a fellow christian can judge me” I
tried to judge him and he did not like it!

2 Timothy 2:24 “And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but must be
kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful.”

The man fails miserably!

Atheists React says:

Vekl on slavery ” I don’t see it as immoral “.

That is his quote that he said over and over again. 

Geoff Heisenberg says:

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Ajax is a false God? Everyone is aware that
we have had things named after ancient Gods, it does not mean….I can’t

Riki Khairo says:

This is so childish, but it’s entertaining.

Gluteus Invictus says:

Let’s get the fact straight. Vekl and G Man support slavery, genocide and
raping underage women. But not baby rape.

fsx23 says:


Fiona Robertson says:

I’m in, but hidden from broadcast

Truth monger says:

I dropped my wallet in front of G Man’s house.I better go back and get it. 

Lou Plisken says:

I’m so far behind my yt feed and I blame my addiction to retarded people as
the culprit.

Mark Eunoia says:

The bible isn’t god’s. It’s a man made book

ThickShades says:

+Gluteus Invictus is so gay inside all over…

Deep Ashtray says:

The Lake of Fire is real! I witnessed it when I put too many jalapenos on
my Subway… turned my toilet into a lake of fire….

stinkyfruitrollups says:

Gman proclaims “I broke a record with a 120 people watching” This is also
the same guy that says I hate self righteous people, and I’m not a view

Victor Vivin says:

People who accuse others of wrong doings, usually have the mentality to do
those wrong doings themselves.

TrevorVision says:

Pray to god to fix your web cam.

Andy Wells says:

Ture Empiricism left the hangout because G-man is so fucking embarrassing!

Star Splitter says:

How did I get modded in a GMan hangout 0___o

MG42pillbox says:

+Alex botten rage quit on my like 6 times, so Fiona should get some free

Gluteus Invictus says:

G Man has an affair with Vekl. He likes to wear a French maid’s uniform for
him and be called Shirley.

Dougie Dreemer says:

I love listening to that james guy snort snot bubbles in every fucking

Kris Tofer says:

Holy hell …he’s letting True be a mod?

ThickShades says:

+TrevorVision got no vision and he’s a retard! psml…

heike anderson says:

Gman is far smarter than the people he baits, he throws out provocative
statements and people fall for it hook, line and sinker.

Riki Khairo says:

So apparently if people don’t publicly come out against what someone says,
they agree with what that person said. Alright G Man.

Sogorn says:


I’ve never claimed to be a Christian (either new or ex)
I’ve never claimed to have read the Bible.. I have however read most of
Terry Pratchett’s books, love the DiscWorld series. J.R.R Tolkiens make an
awesome novel or two also ;)

Never read the Bible though, who is the author again ?

Annabel Pfeiffer says:

Reams and reams and reams of evidence for evolution. It’s because of
evolution we are now finding cures for cancer and vaccines. Why do these
people embarrass themselves? 

animefan2k9 says:

are atheists actually like mentally retarded? cant pronounce words…
horrible atheistic indoctrination….. yep should put into an insane

Lem Gaming says:

What makes someone a christian?

rosie811honey says:

When i imagine how i used to imagine the hero Jesus before i learned actual
love or go to hell Jesus i can see none of the hero Jesus i used to imagine
as a child in G man,did Jesus act like a bratty little spoilt child and if
he did then G man is just like Jesus.

animefan2k9 says:

This is a mentally retarded circus created by atheists.

USoSilly ToMe says:

G-Man is full of Religion……….not Christianity.

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