Cabbage Soup Recipe for Diet and Weight Loss

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Cabbage Soup Recipe for Diet and weight loss! Download all of our soup diet recipes by going to:

This cabbage soup recipe has only 150 calories per serving, the milk gives you protein and additional vitamins plus milk is a natural fat burner/ fat blocker!

Enjoy our cabbage soup recipe =)

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Samki Lomke says:

Try not to waste your time andmoney and efforts on fat losstablets or
creams as their results if any are non permanent.

How to lose weight fast for women says:

great. thanks for sharing it

bro quincy says:


hafsa hussain says:

I really like this soup
Thanks for sharing this recipe

Eta Ocana says:

LOVE my cabbage soup… 

julscaptured says:

Wow! The Best recipe

altha2008 says:

I guess you cannot have a big slice of ham and some cornbread to go with it

Hana Ra says:

greatt thanks for vidieo

4everpraisethelord says:

sugar??? I thought this is for weight loss?

avraham sender dubov says:

i love cabbage soup it fills me up, and I have many options to add, like
sweet n sour cabbage soup, I can add rice, or many other vegies,

in the begining of the video he speaks about the milk, L/F,, why not
use Non fat milk? 

J. Rodriguez says:

Brown Sugar????????? You spoiled the recipe!!!!!!!!!!! Why the empty
calories???????????? Is this a dessert????????Many other good foods can ad
flavor!!!!!!!!!You can spoil a really good recipe, especially if it’s for a
purpose [weight loss]

Pearl Ramirez says:

I really love this cabbage soup! I tried adding this recipe to my daily
diet and it really helped drop some pounds. But of course, everything was
made possible with the help of some workout (found at ExerciseAholics
site). With these two tricks you will really drop some pounds faster.

cleo ful says:

pipityuging soup!

SolicitorsInEaling says:

This is actually a brilliant video for those who doesn’t like cabbage soup
yet its great for diet and weight loss. Thank you for taking the time and
effort to do this. It is eye-opening for sure.

skoolsuxalot says:


Metabolic Cooking says:

I never thought that Cabbage is also good for weight loss. But I am certain
that it is good for my health. Thank you so much for sharing this idea
Louie. :)

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Greg Dahlen says:

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Yoxbes says:

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honey singh says:

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HISIAM888RUHIS888 says:

I’ve made this soup before with a can of diced tomatoes…no milk, sugar or
croutons. What is the point of adding the milk? Thats just added calories.
I love the cabbage soup though. Thanks for your wonderful video!!

Carson Dementez says:

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Chinwe Okezie says:

You had me until you added SUGAR and SALT..I thought this was a low cal
recipe for weight loss.

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