Cabbage soup diet and weight loss!!!!!

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I started the cabbage soup diet 2 weeks ago. I made it to day 6 and lost a total of…….SEVEN pounds!!! I gained 2 lbs back and but continued to diet and excercise and now Im down a total of 8 pounds!! Just 20 more pounds to go and I’ll be at my goal weight!


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how tall are you if you dont mind me asking please reply :)

Janaya Thomas says:

I do not like cabbage is there an alternative?

muppet fondler says:

you do not need to lose weight you look lovely ;)

Fritz Hieb says:

I eat cabbage soup for fun, it can be absolutely delicious if you actually
add some spices. My favorite is to dump a whole bunch of curry powder in
with some fresh jalapenos, and make a ton of broth. People don’t seem to
put enough salt in, salt isn’t going to hurt you so don’t be shy, make it
taste good.

mattlatch says:

Haha yeah exercise on this diet is a bad idea. Unless you modify it and add
pasta one day and chicken on 2 other days. Or something similar.

You Nao says:

Did you drink enough water? Or you could just have a system that goes ape
shit during a caloric deficit because I’ve seen a bunch of people only
consume water for a month for religious reasons including me to experiment
that never had anything more than a slight headache first day or two.

Angela ProudMommy says:

@wisherz that’s funny. I didn’t know grapes had no nutritional value, or
vitamins in them. Since they are all sugar maybe I should have just stuck
with snacking on Oreos and candy. After all I did lose a total of 10 pounds
after that diet, but what do I know.

Angela ProudMommy says:

it was the best bowl of fruit loops ive ever had LOL

Prabin Thapa says:

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K ZL says:

If I ever lose my will power and choose to eat something I shouldn’t. I
will only allow myself to have it after I add something to it to make it
taste worse lol cuz I never end up finishing all of it :)

Amal Tharanga says:

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Keith Johnson says:

I subscribed. Good luck.

MrsPrincessDie says:

Good to see your face! Congrats on the weight loss… Keep it up!!!

Angela ProudMommy says:

LOL yes. Her name is Cali

Freddy Orellana says:

Start losing weight now as I did by following the tips on POUNDALE.COM

wisherz says:

LOL. Grapes makes you fat lots of sugar. in it.

Jimmy8317 says:

You gained weight at a china buffet? you little piggy!


Im done with day one..starting day 2 in a few hours..I work midnights so
its hard for me..The soup recipe I had was DELICIOUS and I ate 3 bowls..a
couple apples and some melon&berries.Glad I made it through..Im ready for
the veggies.

TheRosesRpretty says:

i tried other diets and it did not work…i am on day 4 and lost 8 lbs so
far…the more soup you eat the more weight you lose….day 4 is to eat up
to 6 bananas and skim milk, water and soup. sooooo great!!! I tried the
master cleanse and only got to 7 days without solids..i lost 2 lbs and
detoxed too but did not like the fact that i could not eat solids.

jordanfx says:

This is a diet in terms of a weight loss method, but an excellent jump
start to a healthier way of eating. It is meant to cleanse your palette so
that you can appreciate healthier foods moving forward and not crave all
the sugary junk..sooooo how were those fruit loops? ;-)

93babykakes says:

Omg is that a calico cat?

davis4557 says:

lol u was having withdraw from the sugar lol

stanley hams says:

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loss”. They will help you get the body you deserve.

sujith john says:

love the cat .. ok.. sorry.. yes.. cabbage diet..

Alexandria Rangkuti says:

congrat :D I should try to! with cabbage diet :D


I lost 2lbs in the first day..I know thats water weight but by day 7 I
should be 10-15lbs thinner. I stayed at the same weight for the longest.Its
crazy I had to resort to basically starving myself to shed 2lbs.

QueenofBlackRoses says:

congratz :) i personally hate the taste of cabbage tho. what type of doggy
is that in the background? so much fluffy hair.

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