Big Brother Canada 2015: First Eviction of BBCan3

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Rob Cesternino recaps the first eviction of BBCan3 tonight with a panel of new BBcan Live Feed experts


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southnewton1 says:

We saw a lot of pairs developing in this episode. Kevin/Johnny, Zach/Jordan
or Brittnee/Sarah… who lasts the longest?

BPBC6624 says:

They’re called Newport because Derrick’s blue jacket that he wore all
summer said Newport on it

AmazingRaceKnowitall says:

Who do you think is currently controlling the house as everyone seems to
want a piece of the top spot?

Phil Vandeyck says:

Is Kevin Martin related to Ricky Martin?

southnewton1 says:

Who is your guys pick to win?

AmazingRaceKnowitall says:

This whole chop shop alliance is more messed up than the bomb squad, why
can’t they settle on one target for the week?

Tim Forbes says:

Graig has been a trainwreck on the live feeds. He talks game in front of
everyone and seems very erratic. Is there anyway he makes it to jury?
Also, he keeps talking about writing people’s name down for eviction. Does
he know what show he is on?

Sarah Parks says:

Will every eviction involve the vault from here on out? The letters kind of
ruined the anticipation of the eviction for me.

AmazingRaceKnowitall says:

Who currently do you think is the bigger threat in the house, the boys or
the girls?

southnewton1 says:

Kevin may have just escaped danger this week. Dan, Will and Ian were in
danger early on but ultimately won while players like Arlie or The
Sheyld felt very safe early and got cocky. Does narrowly escaping eviction
help Kevin in the long run? 

Edward Giordano says:

I was listening to After Dark/Side Show and Risha was ranting about Willow
controlling the house, is this true?

Leighten Janzen says:

Peter, Arlie and Jordan what do you think of this casting type?

h3rshel says:

It’s nice Risha will get another chance, but is a 5-person competition too
much? Imagine if Anick returned to the game right after Andrew was

Scott Juaire says:

Do you guys think Kevin and Johnny could team up with the leftover girls
and go against the Chop Shop with any success?

A Mile Away says:

Great episode Rob! You should definitely check out Jon Pardy’s impression
of Sabrina’s ” DOES EVERYBODY WANT GOOD TV” from the BBCan side show

dominic pelle says:

If the last eviction was a house vote and not Canada’s vote, who would be
evicted and what would the vote be?

Edward Giordano says:

Had the live feeds been on, would Risha stood a chance?

Leighten Janzen says:

Does big brother Canada think it’s survivor, winning there food and beds,
and have secret immunity/pov idols.

A Mile Away says:

What effect could 5 weeks of sequester do on Risha?

Andrew Lepine says:

OMG future podcasts w/ Arlie, Ika, and then Neda? This is too good to be

A Mile Away says:

If nominations stay the same this week, how do you think Kevin can convince
the other Houseguests to keep him in the house?

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