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banana nutrition facts
calories in a banana,There have been several studies showing the abundant benefits when you eat bananas. This fruit contains a delicious taste that not only meets the palette, but also your budget, because it can be used in a variety of ways banana nutrition facts. Replenishing your energy is something that bananas do. You can have it in its natural form and receive rich in electrolytes food, while you can have cooked and enjoy their wealth in carbohydrates. Here are some of the reasons why you need a thorough understanding of what this fruit can give knowledge. Here are some nutrition facts banana.

When it comes to the Heart

- Several studies have shown that daily consumption of bananas in their natural form, reduces the chances of developing high blood pressure or stroke. However, some heart medications does not eat bananas because banana nutrition facts banana nutrition facts it has the capacity to increase its production of potassium in the body beyond its normal level. This condition is called hyperkalemia.

- A piece of banana contains a minimal amount of sodium, about 1-2 mg. However, there is an abundant supply of potassium banana nutrition facts, which is about 400 to 600 mg. Vitamins A, B, C and other essential nutrients may also be found in bananas. Also abundant folic acid, niacin and riboflavin.

It supports your mood and appetite banana nutrition facts calories banana

- This fruit contains tryptophan, an amino acid known that becomes serotonin produces a calming effect in the brain. Although this food can contribute to a healthier state of mind, which must be accompanied by a good exercise regimen for effective effect bananas nutrition.

- For those who are conscious of their weight, large banana contains about 125 calories, while a middle part is about 100 calories bananas nutrition. This fruit that aids in weight loss because it provides energy and a feeling of fullness calories banana. Remember that the knowledge of these facts banana nutrition plans to promote healthy eating banana nutrition facts. However, you should not rely on a single product to meet their daily nutritional needs. banana nutrition facts

- If you intend to stop smoking calories banana, eating bananas helps to curb appetite for nicotine.
Other medical conditions banana nutrition facts

- Bananas help relieve morning sickness bananas nutrition experienced by pregnant women and can be consumed at any time necessary.

- This is an abundant source of electrolytes calories banana that are essential in the treatment of dehydration caused by diarrhea. banana nutrition facts

- People who suffer from conditions such as heartburn and ulcers need to have at least one banana a day, as this contributes bananas nutrition calories banana to their treatment banana nutrition facts.

- If you feel a little low blood sugar, bananas are known to keep the sugar level up. However, excessive consumption is not recommended for those who have problems with their blood sugar. Bananas along with protein-rich foods instead. This will allow the normalization of insulin in your system banana nutrition facts calories banana.

Therefore, it is desirable to include in the banana daily meals. Besides being inexpensive, it contains a lot of nutritional value that makes it worth the purchase banana nutrition facts.


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