Agility exercise with Mirin

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Mirin is a 2-year old high-energy lab mix I’ve been walking for a few months. When I initially started walking him he really pulled a lot. He’s over 100lb and he’s a very powerful dog.

I started using a regular collar with Mirin and doing stop and start exercises to work on his pulling. He really likes to follow scents when he’s outdoors, so using environmental rewards to keep him walking on a loose leash has produced outstanding results.

I did a lot of agility exercises with him everyday to tire him out, which also cut down how much he’s been pulling on walks. He’s a little overweight as well, so the agility work is helping him lose a few pounds and get back into top form.

I’m really pleased with his progress after just a few months. He’s really taken to the agility exercises. I’ve noticed the positive reinforcement techniques I use have given him additional confidence and the daily activity has brought out more of his personality when he’s with me. His owners tell me that he’s more tired and calm at home than ever before and he’s pulling less when they walk him.


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