70 LB Weight Loss Age 47 NO Surgery, NO Excessive Exercising, NO Fad Diet

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Chris H says:

You look so young and stunning!
Congrats on your weight loss, very inspiring! :-)

Jermaine Smith says:

You are so beautiful…Wow!!

King Kyng says:

You don’t look 47yo. You look younger. Man, I love black women.

Meghana Adhikari says:

Have you experienced Skinnimaker System? (Google it) It is a quick way for
you to shed fat fast.

Uzziah Cork says:

Wow you look great skin glowing. I cant believe your 47

Chantelly leuluai says:

Hey don I’m young and I’m trying to loose weight how do I loose weight ??
I’m really wanting to I have the mindset for it but how is my question can
you help me live a healthy life! !!

letsgetinfo says:

Damnnnn you hot….wowww

funtimesgirl says:

You look 27. You look incredible.

SonSmiles says:

You look amazing!!! 

RazRuh says:

Wow, you don’t look anywhere near 47! Great job! I was a raw vegan for
years and fell off. Now I’m having the toughest time going back. keep up
the great work!

Get Your Sexy Back by Dawn Ali says:

Thank you so much RazRuh :)

Get Your Sexy Back by Dawn Ali says:

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