2nd Half Is Homophobia Real

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Naliyah Aubrey says:

Many men are attracted to women, and trans women are amongst these women.
We, as a society, have not created a space for men to openly express their
desire to be with trans women. Instead, we shame men who have this desire,
from the boyfriends, cheaters, and “chasers” to the clients, and
pornography admirers etc. We tell men to keep their attraction to trans
women secret, to limit it to the internet, frame it as a passing fetish or
transaction. In effect, we’re telling trans women that they are only
deserving of secret interactions with men, further demeaning and
stigmatizing trans women and dismissing the manhood of the men who find us

Hopefully in society we will reach a time where we can be more respectful,
understanding and tolerant and understand that MY RELATIONSHIPS ARE NOT
YOUR BUSINESS and if you make it your business then we have a problem.
Challenge yourself to changing your perceptions of the norms and values.
I’m sure you all have enough of your own problems to worry about rather
than my femininity and my man’s masculinity.

spankie says:

Honestly..I believe a man that hooks up with a transgender even post
op…are gay whether it’s seen as a technicality or not…you engage in a
sexual relationship with another man..that is a gay act..


White dudes get the beautiful fit, natural, intelligent black women.

spankie says:

Most transgender don’t identify as gay.that’s why he or she won’t mess with
gay men and women..they see themselves as the gender they mentally and
emotionally identify with..not the physical..many also justify not telling
because they say they put themselves in danger by telling the truth..many
also believe that…what they don’t know won’t hurt them..

J. Jermane says:

Man, why did I fall asleep last half, lol! Let’s continue!

Les A. R says:

That’s what called classy curvy, voluptuous. We’ve (BLACK men) looked at
all types of disgusting shapes among BLACK females so much that we can’t
even distinguished what is a decent shape female. Especially a BLACK
female, because it’s damn near non-existent. Why you think they got a song
by some SIMP glorifying big, fat, BLACK females. Talkin bout the love
of….you gotta hear it fo yo’self to believe it. But isn’t it funny how
fat females can always talk about their curves, but they never mention
their rolls.

Ace says:

Transgenders are traps guys! Keep control of your dicks!

J. Jermane says:

I’m sorry but the Hebrew Israelites is a cult…period.

Predaking101 says:

What about MSNBC’s Janet Mock, as that’s a fine b.. I think she was born
an hermaphrodite though, as she was recently on Bill Maher, and she kept
referencing transgenderism.

ishidacoolp says:

This is an interesting topic. I know the topic is about Homophobia and if
fear of gay people is real. Kind of off topic, but there is a transsexual
person working at my job. The funny thing is she/he looks more like a
woman in the face and sounds more feminine than some of the black girls
I’ve met. He was born a dude, but if he had breasts, I think most men
would think it’s a woman. “She” wears make up, long red hair and talks
very lightly. 

Corey M says:

I’m actually making a video game that depicts a future that forces it’s
population to be gay. There’s also an Anime named Vandread that split the
sexes up by planets. Others see what is coming. This is Communism with a
sex change and there will be a new government and those that don’t agree
and stand up against it when it’s too late will be killed. Like Stalinist
Russia and you will be erased. Also like Nineteen Eighty-Four. Prepare now.
You have no idea what is coming.

ladaddyboy says:

i heard that cab coming !!!!

Ace says:

Homosexuals getting privileges is exactly like how women are getting
privileges. I honestly believe movements like Feminism and GLAAD (Gay &
Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) have everything to do with this shit.

Rickaiya15 says:

I love u Tommy but Africa is not a topic that should be trashed by this
bitch on logic that’s has issues dating back to 1550. These same people
slaughtered 20 million American Indians! Everywhere he has gone destruction
followed. To reduce Africa to a few traitors and disrespect her for all the
hell she has suffered is wrong! 

Crescendyr says:

What are these donations for that people give throughout his shows?

Robert Chavis says:

Tariq been to jail several times. I do mean a lot of times. So, one has to

Shred Foxx says:

Marcy Darcy was a writer/producer of the show, if I recall.. 

Reggie McKinnon says:

Get the last caller in the show live…she’s got her shit together.

Predaking101 says:

They’ve been trying to normalize the gay lifestyle for the longest, but in
actuality it’s an abnormal practice that’s an outrage against nature. Aside
from legitament deformaties such as those individuals born with both female
& male organs, theres nothing normal about being gay, or the McDLT
community, smh. It’s a choice, point. Anyone that says otherwise is either
delusional, in denial, or utterly full of ish. Gandolfism ….You Shall Not

Corey M says:

She had me til she mentioned The Bible Codes. It was because, of that BS
sparked by misinterpreting the Mayan Prophecy and the Christians fell for
was why everyone fell for the 2012 crap. That thing predicted shit and they
were and can only be found after the event. It was released by Jews like
all of the other BS religions sprung from them. Jews are the problem and
invented the Nuclear Bomb too and run all of these movements. IT”S THE
JEWS!!! That will be on our species’ Tombstone… *sighs

Les A. R says:

ObamaCare for transgender. Damn shame.

Elayah Cook says:

I caught the tail end. Gn 

Raphael Jacobs says:

Yes, she is very correct. Most black men will FUCK ANYTHING that moves.
I’ve use to be that guy. Once a black man think with his penis, every woman
he meets, he will NOT be present in a conversation with a woman. I’m glad I
woke up from this madness in my mid-20’s, having sex with random women is
just not good for you PERIOD.

Rickaiya15 says:

Take our diamonds and finish us off! I wish Umar Johnson debated her. He
would destroy this bitch unapologetically African based style and run her
ass back to white supremacy offices!!! 

justbeingmyself352 says:

The rich liberal SWPL whites( yeah the ones who live in those nifty
gentrified urban areas) are abandoning black people for the plight of
homosexuals. This means less white guilt and less pandering. This should
be a wake up call ! 


There are many secrets behind this religious stuff. “Commoners” were not
meant to have this info! 

Sherb King says:

Good Morning

jonathan jacobs says:

Shit is hilarious, no matter what the subject is, after about 30 mins it
won’t be what the show is about lol.

Ace says:

51 gender options….What the fuck?!

Les A. R says:

Yall enjoy the rest of the show.

Cardell M says:

Whats up everyone.Hey tommy great show man I really appreciate your
message and I wanted to say to the gamers out there in Sotonation….Add ya
boy on PLAYSTATION 4 (HOUSTONTX4272012) and on PC Steam (Number1Killa).GN
and GM to you all

claire masinde says:

I think that came from islam

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