10 lbs in 1 week Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe AKA Wonder Soup

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The 7 day diet, love it or hate it? Cabbage soup is a part of many different diet plans and has a zillion different names. I use it with the 7 day diet. I’ve been loving it so far and this diet never fails to give me my 10 pound weight loss in 7 days. One thing I love about this Wonder Soup is that you can eat as much of it as you like. I’m all for a diet that lets me eat like a field beast whenever I want to.

Wanna do the 7 day diet? Just click on the link above to visit my blog for more info!

OH LET ME JUST SAY…..I am not affiliate with this diet or program. I simply tried and liked the result. It may or may not work for you. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet. I am not responsible if your ass fall over like Ceily when Shug Avery left while trying this diet.

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Jacklynne Lambino says:

Can I make a big batch of the soup on the first day and just freeze the
leftover and eat it for a week?

TheMissjujubee24 says:

Day 1- Eat nothing but fruit today (except for bananas) and as much of the
diet cabbage soup as you’d like. I like to eat baked cinnamon apples in the
morning, a large fruit salad and cabbage soup for lunch, and cabbage soup
and a melon salad for dinner. I snack on fruit throughout the day, usually
frozen berries, grapes and watermelon.
Day 2- Eat nothing but vegetables (except corn or other starchy veggies).
However, you do get to start the day with a baked potato. You will LOVE
having this baked potato trust me! I never thought I’d be so happy to eat a
baked potato in the morning! I put a tad bit of salt and butter (I cheat)
on the potato along with some broccoli and tomatoes. For lunch I do the
cabbage soup and salad sprinkle with salt, pepper and olive oil. This is
actually pretty good. For dinner I do mashed cauliflower topped with a stir
Day 3- Today you eat fruits AND veggies (except bananas, corn and other
starchy veggies) You also don’t get a potato today, sucks! I just do a
repeat of day one and two for my foods.
Day 4- Today you eat only bananas and milk/yogurt. This is the DUMBEST day
by far. I hate it. You can only have bananas and milk. I eat bananas, rice
milk, almond milk and yogurts and of course the miracle soup. It’s not that
difficult, but if you hate bananas I feel sorry for you boo.
Day 5- Today eat only tomatoes (6-8) and protein like fish, turkey and
chicken. I had no problems with this day since I love meat and was happy to
get it! I had wonder soup for breakfast and added extra tomatoes since I
don’t like tomatoes plain that much. For lunch I had grilled chicken topped
with tomatoes seasoned with salt, basil, pepper. For dinner I had more
wonder soup, but I add ground seasoned turkey to it. Very filling. I got
tired of the soup on this day.
Day 6- Today it’s protein and veggies- Unlike yesterday you can have other
veggies besides tomatoes. I had a salad for breakfast seasoned with olive
oil, spices, salt and pepper. For lunch I had a stir-fry with chicken,
spices and veggies (so good) for lunch I had a spaghetti squash with pasta
sauce and ground turkey. I think spaghetti squash is off limits but I had
to have it! (it didn’t effect my weight loss) Today was so yummy! lol
Day 7- Today it’s just fruits, vegetables, and juices. Booo!!! I hated this
day because I wanted more meat, but I was glad it was the last day. The
scale says I’m 7 pounds lighter this morning so that was great to see. I
feel clean inside. I’m hungry today
Day 8- 10 lbs down

Vipin Dubey says:

If you have been trying to melt fat, you should google Fat Blast Furnace.
That might help you get the body you deserve.

Stephanie M says:

Could I add rice or chicken to this recipe? 

marco moreno says:

good stuff. Im an old man , but I can see myself pooping again on a regular
basis. lots of fiber and most important little fat or better yet animal
fat. maybe a tad more gassy but my girls don’t care (mutts).

Karyzia Reyes says:

I think it was made for obese people who need surgey but are too fat so
they mad that super diet 

felipe salvador arias says:

You have a lovely voice! Thanks for the recipe!

pu pan says:

Thanks to this, I feel much more healthier, my body does not feel chubby
anymore though I do exercise not very much. the cool thing about this is
that I can feel to eat as much as I want throughout the day without feeling
overeating. This is the best recipe I’ve ever tried. I can not say how
thankful I am for this Recipe. strangely, I am more toned too ;) 

edkfilms says:

i am on this !!!!!!

Karyzia Reyes says:

I did this nothing but cabbage soup all I can eat with a few days of other
foods it was torture but I lost 40 pounds in 2 weeks 

Sam Taheer says:

Can we add salt to this

XDSofiaMayXD says:

How many minutes does it take?

Hanna Smith says:

Do I lose weight if I ONLY eat the soup for a week?

Jen A says:

Hey guys I realize most of you have tons of questions in regards to this
diet and hopefully I cover some of the FAQs. If you go to Diva’s page ”
It has a breakdown on what you should eat per day in addition to the
Cabbage soup. So you don’t only drink the Cabbage soup you consume other
food groups as well. For example Day one you can have only fruits in
addition to the Cabbage soup. Diva does a break down for an entire 7 days.
This recipe is golden. I’m currently on my 6th day and I have already lost
up to 8 pounds. I cheated a bit with this diet because I couldn’t eat a
plain vegetable soup all 7 days. What I did was put in chicken breasts in
the oven *salt and pepper* seasoned and I added that in after my soup was
made right into my individual bowl. So technically you don’t mix the soup
in the full batch you have. I changed it up by adding Salmon as well. And I
still managed to lose weight. Also this diet works wonders! 

13Grneyez says:

Just subscribed wow! awesome channel!!!

LavenderLites says:

that was a lot of olive oil!

XDSofiaMayXD says:

How many minutes does it take?

Catherine Wright says:

Love the cabbage soup. So good. Thanks.

Shay W. says:

How many days can you refrigerate the soup before it goes bad?

erika masdeu says:

I made this soup the only thing I left out was the can of tomatoes since im
not a fan of tomatoe chunks, but I used some tomatoe sauce and also added
chicken bulion cubes instead of chicken stock. I added some extra seasons
and it came out amazing :) thank u for this recipe

Sanath A says:

Love that voice !!!!…………Recipe too

Kera's LuvTechniques. says:


Jenny321lol says:

do you need to eat it for breakfast ,lunch and dinner
or eat one bowl of this a day

197508300610 says:

It looks to me like there is at least 1000 calories of fat from olive oil
alone in the saucepan. You could steam the veggies instead and add their
sweat back to the soup if you like a strong veg taste, or blanch them for a
weak veg taste, and either way would add no fat. You may even do away with
the broth which is likely very high in salt. Especially since the canned
seasoned tomatoes have plenty of salt as well.

Kajal Kaamra says:

wonderful recipe & im definitely going to try that

hillbilly joe says:

Even for a guy, That was an amazingly easy cooking video, . Thank you so

Teresa Sproles says:

This soup is so good! I also add those same spice you do and used the same
tomatoes. Very good, thanks for sharing! 

T Smith says:

The brand of tomatoes that you are using has high fructose corn syrup.
Publix makes an organic brand of the same tomatoes and it is delicious
with no HFCS…this is just a FYI for those who do not eat HFCS. This
recipe is awesome. thank you soooo much for posting it. I am going to try
this tomorrow. 

Stefany Hernandez says:

I was wondering if this is a bad thing when you’re doing an intense
workout? Like kickboxing?

Greencloud8 says:

This is low carb cause its high fiber. 

makeupdayandnight says:

I see it like this a lot of people say this is a crash diet but that is
becUase you are doing it wrong if you do this “diet” as you guys call it
and lose 10 pounds but then after the diet change how you eat meaning
healthy eating your not going to gain the weight back it’s like starting
fresh but if you do this diet for a week lose the 10 pounds and go back to
your unhealthy eating of course your gonna gain all the weight back 

Deneil H says:

Omg so silly. Ive been eating soup the last two days as I’ve been sick with
a cold. Let me get this clear – You do not need to have any oil at all, nor
do you need to sauté the veggies first! That is pointless. Put a small
amount of water in with the firmer veggies in firsts (carrot, pumpkin etc)
Extra water, stock, Then add the leafy veggies. To get the best
nutrients/vitamins choose power foods. you’re best to go for Kale, red
pepper, turmeric, parsnip is my fave for flavour, purple cabbage, ginger,
onion, garlic. not a fan of carrots but they are good, Less starchy carbs
if you want to lose weight. 

David8024667 says:

Are you supposed to eat this soup ONLY or are you allowed to have other
things as well when you are doing this 7 day diet?!!? Please respond back
right away as I just made this soup and am NOT sure how to actually do this
(as far as how often and in what amounts). Thanks!!! (:

Neermard Gurung says:

Do you make these dangerous mistakes in your diet? Just google Skinnimaker
System to find out.

Maureen Gravel says:

I need help , day 1 I gained 2lbs on this
Day2. .03lbs
What is going on. HELP!!

sexyalmondJOY18 says:

I want to try it.it seems healthy to me

Alia Alcala says:

Don’t do it. You’ll loose 10 pounds but not only do you gain 10 back but 10
more. It’s a crash diet. You’ll destroy your body. I’ve done it 

Tennessee Boom Ofuka says:

You know what I’ve been eating cabbage and Turkey sausage like a rabbit and
lost four pounds and didn’t know why lol for some reason I’ve been a
cabbage and fruit junkie didn’t realize it was an actual diet

lovelyx06 says:

Just be aware: when you’re losing crazy amounts of weight this fast it’s
not fat (which you should be aiming to lose). It’s muscle. And you gain it
right back when you stop the fad diet.

Everyone please realize it’s not a race. Changing your eating habits and
steady exercise is the only way to keep weight off. 

Josie LeBlanc says:

Can you add quinoa ? 

OceanD52 says:

The Cabbage Soup diet really works. Old skool diet from the 80’s have used
it since I was a teenager. You really can lose 10-25 pounds but it gets
hard mid way. Choose water fruits (melons) on fruit days for maximum
results. Water, coffee, or tea black no sugar (can use splenda/equal). The
first time I lost 25lbs on the diet in a week but it comes right back if
you don’t make the soup/plan a reg part of your maintenance. I mean really
the first three days of the plan you are only taking in maybe 200-300 cals
the next, maybe up to 500-900 a day. Don’t get anorexic on this – I did
as a teen.

Nirvana Ali says:


Andrea Byrd says:

I can’t wait to try this.

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