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http://youtu.be/LaazMNWOXMA — Your diet has an effect not only your weight and overall health, but on water levels and water purity, land quality, soil fertility, rates of food ‘poisoning’, air quality, and even on global hunger….just by choosing more plant-based foods over MEAT and DAIRY ones.

Daily Supplement and Nutrition News:


Discover all the upsides to avoiding meat and dairy while adding more plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, and legumes to your diet. The facts surrounding animal-derived foods will help you understand why and how the great majority of our health issues, individual and global, come from the raising of and consumption of livestock like cattle, chicken, turkey, and pork.


The Health & Wellness Institute | http://www.HWi-News.com
HWi Nutritional Ministry | A Plant-Based Diet IS Health Care.


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