The SUPER Supplement I Recommend Most… Kelp

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Our food supply is in a horrible state. We are exposed to so many toxins. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to take supplements, but due to the nutrient deficiency in most of our food, we must supplement. One supplement that I recommend for most of my coaching clients is Kelp. Learn more about kelp and it’s benefits in this video.

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Michael McGarry says:

Can you swim out and catch your own????

wayne crouse says:

hi dr. gerhauser,
i went 2 your blog but i counldnt fine kelp info.
would u tell me which kelp brands are the best.
ps. i live in canada.

Shadowsphinx says:

What about the toxic Fukushima fallout in the ocean lately? Is it safe to
eat anything from the ocean these days?? Just recently it has gotten MUCH

jenifer Ransom says:

You make a good case for kelp! I’ve been taking the tablets for lo these
many years and they’ve only benefited me.
Thanks for addressing the question of contamination – there’s a lot of talk
about the dangers of kelp following Fukushima, but I for one am not going
to stop taking it. 

goshelbygo123 says:

I’ve added a kelp supplement everyday for the past two week with the
addition to a hair skin and nail supplement to my herb/vitamin regime. I’m
taking the kelp and my metabolism is on fire (in a good way!) I feel like
my body is breaking down food much faster and I hope its breaking down the
heavy metals as well! I’ve been taking the hair skin nail for hair growth
(it has biotin MSM and glucosamine as the main supplements) but I have
noticed my skin is breaking out more. It could be stress induced and lack
of sleep. I’m a college student under pretty high amounts of stress right
now. I’be heard good reviews of Reishi mushroom any suggestions or

jackshit49 says:

Is there enough sulfur in Kelp so that you wouldn’t have to supplement with
a sulfur pill or powder supplement?

Silvia Sune says:

What if you’re allergic from them? :(

Linda Foote says:

If we eat the kelp as sea weed in a meal, how much a day should be
consumed? Love your video. I laughed when you said ‘bastards’.

Natural Foods Diet - Natural Health Information says:

Because most people are damaged to some degree, and even because of normal
aging, I recommend digestive aides for almost everyone. I personally use a
porcine source pancreatin and ox bile with each meal. I also recommend
vitamin D3 for nearly everyone, although I do measure the level first. But
supplementing vitamin D does not preclude the need for safe sun exposure.

F Wüst says:

Great Video, Thanks for all the great info however our oceans are now
polluted by the globalists… They are using chemtrails to kill us and
pollute the air…

Anthony Beltran says:

What do you recommend for acne prone skin? Because aren’t most of those
minerals bad for acne prone skin?

Natural Foods Diet - Natural Health Information says:

The blog may not be posted to the website yet. The brand I recommend is
Nature’s Way Kelp, 600 mg, 2 capsules 3 times a day with meals. Thanks for
watching the videos.

Natural Foods Diet - Natural Health Information says:

Wheat grass juice can be good for super food nutrition. I usually recommend
kelp over algae or chlorella.

Ashley Adams says:

I was just asking what kelp is gud for and i came across your video.So
where can i buy it is it only in pills

jennram1 says:

Great info, Dr. G! Our soil is so depleted its horrible. Thank you for the
recommendations on kelp. I will feed kelp to my family :)

orangeblood307 says:

I buy mine at Whole Foods for $10… They had some brands that were cheaper
but I got the Nature’s Way capsules.

Sandhya N says:

Hello dr. Just recently came across your videos it’s very interesting .. I
have many Qs .. Is this supplement good for kids? What other supplements
would you recommend for vegetarians ? Also we have too many contradicting
topics on milk .. I have high cholesterol would u still recommend whole
milk ?

Natural Foods Diet - Natural Health Information says:

If you are allergic to kelp you should avoid it.

jackshit49 says:

What about supplementing Digestive Enzymes and Vitamin D3?

bjfausz says:

Can you tell me how to make a KELP bath?

Natural Foods Diet - Natural Health Information says:

The kelp bath is not something I have tried.

angelalow153 says:

For acne skin u need grapeseed extract n essentials which will do wonders.

N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery says:

Hi Doctor sounds good may get some soon.I want to tell you what me and my
father are taking right now.I buy wheatgrass powder because growing and
squeezing the fresh grass is so hard to do you need a constant supply of
it.I think wheatgrass is as good as you can get long as you make sure its
organically grown and its not hard to find.I sure will get some kelp is it
kin to green alge I have taken that before?Clorea I think i spelled that

Natural Foods Diet - Natural Health Information says:

The amount of kelp in the capsules for a typical dose is 3-4 gm per day.
That would be a condiment amount of kelp. Thanks for watching the videos.

Natural Foods Diet - Natural Health Information says:

Most kelp has abundant alginates to bind radioactive elements so they are
less absorbed, so I still eat it.

Steve Smith says:

Why are minerals missing from the soil? because of synthetic fertilizers?

stewtech says:

How will Fukashima radiation effect ocean/sea veggies? Will they be too

Natural Foods Diet - Natural Health Information says:

Thanks for the comment. Nature’s Way has a quality kelp product.

Anthony Beltran says:

Video suggestion: arthritis joint pain, and remedies?

Natural Foods Diet - Natural Health Information says:

The minerals are taken out of the soil by the plants and most are not
replaced. If animals roamed the land and defecate on it, like used to
happen in traditional agriculture, the minerals would be replenished. With
big, industrial, mono-agriculture, an animal will never set food on the
land again, unless something changes.

Natural Foods Diet - Natural Health Information says:

You can buy kelp in capsules or get it in the form of granules. It is
available on the internet and in health food stores. Good brands are
Nature’s Way, Sol Ray, Now, Solgar, Ecological Formulas, Country Life and
Vitamin Shoppe. For the granules Frontier Herbs or Monterrey Bay Herb
Company are good brands.

Natural Foods Diet - Natural Health Information says:

The iodine in kelp is usually good for acne.

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