Sanki Belage Kronuit Nutritional Supplement Nanotechnology Natural Vitamin Diet USA Powder Drink

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Sanki BelAge Kronuit
Supplements must have bioavailability to work. This simply means the body can absorb and use the nutrients in a supplement or product. To ensure bioavailability, Sanki Global uses two new and innovative technology platforms:

Fermentation technology — Traditional Japanese nutrition that produces health formulas with great efficacy.

Green Nanotechnology — To deliver bio-actives, and solve the challenge of “Bioavailability,”

Sanki uses 100% additive free ingredients, by using the original plant oil as a natural carrier-to allow better delivery and stability deep into the body on the cellular level.
Cellular Solutions
By focusing on health at the cellular level and regulating sugar metabolism, we seek to address health problems such as low energy, metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, inflammation and other cardiovascular related sickness. Using technology that targets the microscopic cells in our body, we can target an important organ in sugar metabolism known as the mitochondria. These tiny components are the “energy engines” that determine our overall health. The mitochondria are almost impossible to reach by conventional supplements.

However, Sanki Global Nano-biotechnology breaks down pure natural ingredients into billions of tiny particles so they are small enough to pass through the cell walls and reach the mitochondria. The positive effects on health and well being are nothing less than remarkable. Sanki Mayor, has been formed exclusively to develop leading-edge well-being products that leverage the power of HYBRID-NUTRITION. Its scientific work in nutrition has already been certified by the International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH), the American Anti-Aging Society, and the French Society of Antioxidants, among others.

ORISOD Ultra is a bioactive mixture that contains Polyphenol and Super Oxide Disutase (SOD) type antioxidants, obtained from Olive and Rosemary plant extracts. Delivered using Advanced Delivery System (ADS) technology, the active ingredients are able to combat and restore oxidative damage at the cellular level.

The Multi Reaction
ORISOD Ultra is a bioactive mixture that contains Polyphenol and Super Oxide Disutase (SOD) type antioxidants, obtained from Olive and Rosemary plant extracts. The Rosemay plant leaf has a high Carnosic Acid content along with other antioxidants, making it a unique oxidation fighter. On average, most antioxidants are able to react only once when first encountering a free radical. Carnosic Acid molecules have a multi reaction characteristic and are able to neutralize up to 4 free radicals at once.

Protecting Each Cell
BelAge™ works at the cellular level through the use of Nano- biotechnology with a patented innovation called Advanced Delivery System (ADS™). Its natural ingredients are delivered in particles so small, they bypass the destructive acids in the stomach and penetrate the barriers surrounding the mitochondria.

Nano-biotechnology in Action
Each dosage of BelAge™ delivers 14 trillion nanoparticles of antioxidants. That means four times the benefit to health and rejuvenation compared to similar ingredients without this technology.

In Action
Simply stated, BelAge™ assists the body to naturally heal itself and produce the energy needed for everyday life. BelAge’s active ingredients work in 4 amazing ways:

Reactivates natural antioxidants in the body by balancing the excess of free radicals within the cell and mitochondria.
Improves blood circulation, reducing the “browning” of fats and sugars.
Increases re-hydration at the cellular level by improving the functioning of the mitochondria.
Increases energy production acting where the body generates energy, the mitochondria.


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