New Preworkout Supplement & Preworkout Shake (during cutting diet)

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Introducing a new preworkout supplement that I recently decided to try out, and the preworkout shake I make to prepare for the gym. “LIKE” or “SHARE” my shyt!!
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jake bowser says:

Where do you buy your creatine capsules and how much

hewhoslapshoes says:

His Caffeine is choco Flavored i think

Sampath Samarawickrama says:

It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these people do it so
easily with Atomic Fat Loss (go google it).

mozilla1986 says:

just in case chris don’t get back to ya, I thought I’ll try. Yes it usually
recommended that after 8 weeks of use you should take a break, I take 2-4
weeks off then reload my system. That also goes the same for pre workouts.

Rhys Bezzina says:

cheers man, adleast somebody took notice ahaha.

MyDeArmAsTeR1 says:

try some plain non fat greek yogurt with ur protein shake

YourMothersBestFriend says:

Is creatine all natural…cuz i dont take it but i thought about it. does
it help you recover muscle faster/more?

Chris says:

I do that too haha. My names Chris though

NesquiickProductions says:

He said in the video he takes it all year long

blackfoxmp5 says:

Spinach in a shake? Yuck. I’d whether have it in a salad, but if that’s
what works for you, keep doing it lol

Hdrama Kagawa says:

Damn chris! you making all kinds of gains! you’ve gotten much bigger in
these past 2 months!

Aesthetic Brah says:

good natural pre workout chris but you gotta admit this aint shit on
something like jack3d the energy difference is un-comparable

Swifty9630 says:

I don’t know if you heard i don’t know if you seen but that guy Chris Jones
is still mighty lean!

frostydc4 says:

You use creatine while cutting? Isnt that counterproductive?

Anthony Zagrovic says:

Keep in mind.

Andrew Escalera says:

@rosakop1 he just said bro

mekaous says:

dam, brotha close them cabinets lmfao……..

complydontaskquestions says:

how much are the creatine caps and where do you pick em up from? Thx

Rolandoreyes08 says:

yo vince hold that camera still!!!

tefterakos says:

hey chris i just wanna ask..because i saw in a nutrition book that if you
combine cretine with caffeine the caffeine blocks the effect of
creatine…whats your opinion??

vike vin says:

chris, you should give out your myfitnesspal name so people quit asking
about your macros for macin them hoes!

BigmomaJLG says:

get a job, go to walmart, and buy yourself some bodyfortress whey. around
15dollars a tub. but you should know that whey protein powder shouldnt be
your main source of protein. Get it from foods

mjmakinggainz gainz says:

what do u recommend for bulking chris???????????

digitaldeviation says:

MyFitnessPal(dot)com Pretty good app for food tracking.

rav Dhillon says:

yo chris, whats your views on creatine while cutting?

damiansonofsantana says:

You Gotta increase the Weight you Push to get a feel of Tasty Toosh!!

SmellingPimp80 says:

Quite lying dawg you know you throw a bunch of money at on supplements and
protien and gym memberships and going to whole foods eating all that uppity
food that you couldn’t pay yo rent so you got evicted but good story you
told tho! ROFL!!! Ha ha Gotcha! Great video bro. Yeah please do a review
let us know what the heck is worth our money and what is just a marketing
scam! Thanks bro.

systemrootexploited says:

LIPO6…really!? Can you honestly say it helps v.s. not taking it? If it
only helps shed an extra pound or two, I’d rather keep the cash in my
pocket. I’m a cheap bastard like that.

Christian Davidson says:

Im about to try lipo 6 If i die its your fault just sayin.

stackindatpapa says:

i think its myfitnesspal

259972 says:

Chris jones is the mann godamnit

Bishnupodo Dey says:

Hey there, have you heard about “MuscLeader” (just search Google)? There
you will find a great free video featuring the right way to build
noteworthy muscles fast whilst shedding body fat at the same time. Kev and
plenty other guys experienced positive results using this methodology. It
may help you out too…

Rhys Bezzina says:

i asked you on the last video too, i’m not sure, but i heard that whilst
taking creatine, you should have a 3 – 4 week break, just to reboot your
system, it’s probably false information, i just wanted your opinion on it

oOBashoROo says:

supplements won’t help bro (: you have to get on a calorie deficit diet,
drink much water & train insane + eventually a little bit of cardio

Artur Romanishyn says:

Thanks! It helps a lot!

WangstaWhiteboy says:


DogxJ says:

Yes! Pls do a review on that pre workout “pre ignition” I believe.

CookieCrumbs says:

He could take his creatine year round, but still take a couple of weeks off
after every bottle or tub. Which is what I’m asking.

Lapband Phase 1 Annette says:

No hoes at the gym us BITCHES workout and you know it! BAM

Neven Marinkovic says:

yo chris i heard that milk kills creatine because of the acids in the
milk??? is that true…hodgetwins said in one video that you cant mix
creatine and milk because it wont work???

CookieCrumbs says:

Dude, messy kitchen brah. Just joking!

maxmaxmaxmaxmaxmax10 says:

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accomplish it easily with Mega Muscle Method (check it out on Google).

Tushar Thakur says:

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