KETOGENIC DIET: my new top supplement to keto adapt

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My top supplement choice to help speed up keto adaptation!

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stephanie Keto person says:
ollie byrd says:

was that devo “uncontrollable urge”?

kimelleman says:

Very Nice…

marcikist says:

Super likes!

Eric Jackson says:

Yup. I’ve got that exact model. I have two crockpots actually. Besides
bone broth I also make chicken feet broth which gives you solid gelatin. So
healing for connective tissues & skin. And wait until you make your chicken
legs in the crockpot. Some pink salt & any herb… Boom!… So so good.
Meat falling off the bones and super delicious while not losing a drop of
nutrition. Awesome ;)

storxusmc says:

Ha i ordered this exact model last week..waiting for it to show up from

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