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A little insight to our diets, what supplements we take and why we take them. Also an update on what we will be changing when we cut on the 1st of march. If you have any question about anything we have said in the video or just general question feel free to ask in the comments below

If anyone would like Workout plans/Nutrition plans/90Day transformation packs please get in touch with us at!

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Notcrossfit says:

were you guys from?

agrelon says:

Honestly guys, don’t waste your money on all those fat burners and that
other bullshit. Creatine, protein and the multis are basically the only
sups worth your buck.

How long have you guys been bulking up to this point? Interested to see how
the cut progress goes though!

Wesley Hammer says:

Is it just me or have a ton of British/Australian fitness channels popped
up recently? Good stuff guys. I don’t take any supplements myself though.

ASCENSIO | fitness says:

Nice video guys!

Maxime Sigouin says:

good stuff guys

Chasing Aesthetics says:

come check out our new video please Diet & Supplement Discussion

Lean Strength says:

cute dog!
and keep up the vids guys :)

Anthony Tran says:

Good stuff, guys! Friendly dog!

NS Bodybuilding says:

Great video guys!

John Day says:

Bodypower always looks the goods when I’ve seen people like +Steve Cook and
co. do vlogs at the event!

threedabs glenn says:


threedabs glenn says:
CombatVeteranLifter says:

Great channel!! Thanks for inviting me!! Good luck at your competition =)

Chasing Aesthetics says:

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