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"Here are the Exact Recipes, Food Lists, and Yeast Killing Tips That I Personally Used To Rid My Body of Excess Yeast Without Prescription Medicine… 100% Guaranteed!"

Dear Friends, If you are thinking about trying the yeast diet I am extremely happy you found this site because it will almost certainly save you time and a lot of frustration, and may even keep you from quitting on the diet before your finished. I will tell you how over a period of months I experienced many of the common side effects related to yeast overgrowth and how I was finally able to stop the sugar cravings and recurrent yeast infections. My name is Whitney Frazier and like so many people I suffered from yeast overgrowth and the side effects including sugar cravings, recurring yeast infections, and fatigue that kept me from being active and doing the things that I wanted to do. I have always been a relatively healthy person but after taking birth control pills for several years I developed (what I know now) was yeast overgrowth.

I jumped into the diet with every good intention but without much planning. As my body began craving the sugar and yeast I was trying to avoid I found it increasingly difficult to think up new meals to cook that incorporated all the "rules" for the yeast diet. I quickly fell into a rut with a couple of the meals I knew I could have and by the end of the first week it just didn’t even seem worth it anymore. The desire to get healthy and rid my body of the yeast was there but I literally could not think about another 2 weeks or more of eating the same thing…so I quit.

While the benefits of the yeast diet are widely touted what I had to learn was that the single hardest part of completing the yeast diet was meal planning and finding foods that I could actually enjoy on the diet and having those items on hand . The second attempt at the diet went much smoother and some days I almost forgot that I was on the diet. The fact is there are literally hundreds of delicious food items that can be eaten while on the diet and the secret is to plan these meals in advance. After hearing a similar story from many others that have experienced the same struggles to complete the diet I decided to take all my notes and research and condense it down into an easy meal planning guide and cookbook to help with the most difficult part of the yeast diet process.

Hi Whitney! "I was searching for yeast-free recipes for my family and this cookbook was a lifesaver! My family loves so many of the recipes. We have thoroughly enjoyed preparing these yummy recipes and would highly recommend the book to anyone."

Now included with the yeast free cookbook is my new e-book that will be released separately later this year, "Yeast Free Crock…


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