Wild Nights _ Epilogue

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FIVE YEARS LATER "Carly cmon come to daddy!" Nick is trying to sound stern and steady but the little girls giggles as she runs down the hallway is making it really hard for him to do so "we need to change you out of those clothes before-" He continued "before what?" Nick stopped jumping as he got startled at that moment Carly decided to finally come to him he lifted her up into his arms he sighed when he turned around to find Selena standing by the stairs "youre back I thought you said you were also going out to eat" Selena placed her bags on the kitchen table "Taylor needed to leave early something that had to do with Connor" when they moved to Nashville Selena met Taylor and she instantly became best friends with the tall blond Nashville native and then also the godmother of Carly "but anyway hows my baby doing?" "Im doing really good" Nick grinned leaning in kissing the side of her neck she laughed shrugging him off "I was talking about Carly" grinning cheekily at him before taking Carly in her arms instantly making a face "ugh Nick you let her get into my make-up again I told you to watch out for that…" Selena grimace Rubbing his neck "you see one moment she was playing with her blocks and I turned away for a sec and she was in bathroom going through your make-up bag for a one and half year old shes pretty much like a ninja" As soon as he stopped explaining himself Carly let out a laugh while leaning on Selenas shoulder before reaching up with her little <b>…<b>


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